JetBlue Introduces ‘AirSMR’: Sound Therapy For Flying

by Chris Dong

Holiday travel is stressful, no doubt. The sounds of the airport are sometimes bordering on chaotic — from constant announcements about “final boarding,” to yelling (and crying) children, and much more. What if you associated those sounds with something a little gentler and, well, actually calming?

JetBlue is launching AirSMR — a play off of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), a relatively new creation that describes a feeling of relaxation and euphoria when hearing certain sounds.

There’s thousands upon thousands of ASMR videos out there in the wild — and lots of them are wild. Seemingly mundane noises are transformed into something that is, for some people, therapeutic. Some people even describe the sensations as a “brain orgasm.” Examples of ASMR videos include the sounds of a whispering voice, crinkling bags, scratching dry skin — you get the idea.

For JetBlue, AirSMR is intended to alleviate the stress of holiday travel. The nine-minute-long video is available on JetBlue’s YouTube channel and as onboard entertainment.

The audio is of a peaceful woman’s voice narrating an ideal airport scenario, with soft background noise of (toned down) airport sounds. Welcome to AirSMR.

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