Which Of These BEST Road Trips in Europe Have You Taken?

by Shelli

I must be craving a road trip because I just realized my writing over the past few weeks has been about road trips. First it was the Cannonball Run. Next it was using the iExit app for finding which exits have the services you need. And now I’m reading and writing about the best panoramic road trips to enjoy in Europe!

What makes a drive panoramic might be different for us all. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Often we don’t consider the journey as part of the trip. Maybe flights are delayed, checked baggage becomes a hassle, and jet lag sets in. We just want to get there already and begin enjoying our destination.

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Best Road Trips Along Panoramic Routes In Europe

Yet in the case of road trips, the journey can be the destination. And in the case of these road trip top picks in Europe for beauty and panoramic views, the journey surely is the destination.

They demand our attention because often the roads are narrow. Some of them would take days or weeks to drive. Not all of the panoramic beauty is about the sea or mountains. River landscapes, driving through lush land, or enjoying charming villages provide plenty of panoramic goodness!

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The list of top European road trips includes a broad range of countries: 12 countries on the list spread all across Europe.

Some of theses road trips are shorter in distance, think 25 kilometers. Some travel through multiple countries. The longest one is 1300 kilometers. Naturally, given their beauty and history, one of the road trips is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Some of these routes are seasonal. The routes don’t change, but the weather doesn’t invite a road trip. And some of the road trips can mean driving single lanes of highway at times. Best be AWAKE and alert!

I’ve taken a few of the suggested road trips. On some of these I’ve used trains and buses and have watched and been amazed, even stunned, by the maneuvers needed by cars and drivers. Another one of these panoramic road trips I did do in a car as the driver. Fun times! But that still leaves many I’ve yet to enjoy!

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Final Thoughts

These are the kinds of articles that inspire planning a holiday around a road trip. It’s always fun to have a theme holiday. After all, I can’t always make my holiday themes walking or hiking or drinking coffee 🙂

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