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U.S. Airlines Left The 747 Behind in 2017; What They Replace It With Matters

United Airlines' Boeing 747. Source: United Airlines

There’s been a lot written in 2017 on the maligned and anticipated retirement of the Boeing 747 from U.S. airlines this year. A big driver of coverage (including this author’s) has been the nostalgia around the plane, which has afforded fliers an incomparable experience of grandeur and comfort since its introduction nearly 40 years ago.…

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Plane Weird! Passengers Share Pics of Strangest Things Witnessed During a Flight

This list comes courtesy of notorious barefoot passenger shaming site PassengerShaming and The Daily Mail. They asked people to share the strangest things they’ve encountered while flying. There’s the always famous picture of the unruly passenger on a KEF-JFK flight who was restrained and gagged with duct tape as well as the man who brought 80…

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‘Tis the Season – The 5 Best Summer Beach Bars

Condé Nast Traveler interviewed Romée de Gorïanoff, co-owner of Experimental Beach in Ibiza (amongst other places), for his favorite beach bars/clubs. His picks span from Long Island to Greece, the first two are included below and the full list of top 5 with detailed descriptions of each can be found here. Juan Y Andrea – Formentera, Spain – Thanks…

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The 25 Most Wish-Listed Destinations of 2017

Here’s another travel list to celebrate the holiday weekend, these are the “25 Most Wish Listed Destinations of 2017” according to Condé Nast Traveler. We couldn’t publish the full 25, but the top 10 are below. Check out the full list and details as to why each location was noted here. 25 – Portugal 24 – Norway 23…

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