Need a Laugh? The 5 Most Entertaining Airline Safety Videos

by Shelli

Do you watch safety videos when you fly? Always, sometimes, maybe never? It’s always interesting to me to observe who actually IS watching them. I think these days with people using so many digital devices, even entertaining airline safety videos are watched even less, if that’s possible. I’m fascinated by them.

In essence, they all say the same things delivering the same message, right? Yet the time period during which the videos are made and the culture of the countries influence the presentations. It’s also marketing and creativity. More recently there’s been a huge injection of humor into safety videos. Even when safety videos seem outdated, or what some might call vintage, they can still be quite humorous.

Safety Video Common Themes

Wearing seatbelts at all times

Turbulence is common, and sometimes it can get pretty extreme. You won’t find a safety video that doesn’t stress wearing a seatbelt at all times when you’re in your seat.

Putting your oxygen mask on first

Why is this so important? It’s important to get that mask on your face as soon as possible. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, loss of oxygen at high altitudes can quickly deteriorate body functions. Help yourself before helping others.

Why you shouldn’t inflate a life vest (inside the plane)

In 1996, there was a hijacking attempt on Ethiopian Airlines. The plane made a crash landing on water. Many passengers died because they inflated their life vests before exiting the plane. Water levels increased inside the fuselage. Sadly the passengers were trapped by the vests. Today’s advice: do not inflate the vests until outside.

Favorite Safety Demonstration Videos: The Best and Most Entertaining Ones

Virgin Atlantic Safety Film

If you’re a fan of animation, you’ll love this video. It’s beautifully done. It’s called “Trip” and uses Hollywood movie themes. The animation follows the dream of a passenger who is sleeping through the safety video.

Bangkok Airways Safety Demonstration

This safety video, created in 2012, uses song and dance to get its message across. If you don’t want to be humming this tune in your head all day long, watch one of the other videos! Oops, the Virgin song will get you humming along, too. You’ve been warned 🙂

Pan Am Safety Video Airbus A300

This is a classic! Pan Am no longer exists. However, watching this safety video is a trip down memory lane. We’re reminded that not much has changed in the way of in-flight safety. This video even reminds you to extinguish cigarettes! Though I never smoked cigarettes on an airplane, I certainly recall when it was allowed. I even remember a flight from Europe to San Francisco where the flight crews were smoking as they huddled in the galleys.

TAP Safety Video

Portuguese airline, TAP, goes retro. This safety video take you back to 1945. That is the year TAP was founded. It uses humor and history in creating the safety message.

Japanese airline Starflyer

Starflyer is a Japanese low-cost carrier with premium amenities. Its safety video blends live-action demonstrations. A robot created out of airline parts narrates the video. It certainly is a different style of safety video that you may or may not find entertaining. It’s hard to understand what’s happening, though the subtitles help.

Final Thoughts

When flying, whether or not you watch the safety videos for their information or creativity, or both, they sure can be entertaining. It’s easy to see that much thought and marketing go into the making of the videos. If you have any airline safety videos you remember that were either entertaining or on the other end of the spectrum, really bad, share them.

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