These 5 Hacks Make Your Face Mask More Protective

by Shelli

Can face masks be overly protective? I don’t think so. And neither do the researchers, doctors, and public health experts who study infectious diseases, how to wear a face mask, and mask effectiveness. This article includes 5 hacks to make your face mask as protective as possible. Always something to learn and improve upon in the name of staying safe and healthy!

Of course, we also need answers to many other questions about face masks. What kinds of face coverings work for protection against COVID-19? How do you use masks safely? How to clean a reusable mask? Which materials are most effective for masks? How to keep your glasses from fogging? I don’t wear glasses, yet I can tell from talking with people and observing them that this is a huge issue.

I had been looking for answers to these questions.  Also, wanted the answers to all be in one place, and to use graphics because I think that makes learning easier.

How To Wear a Mask

I finally came across a great article with graphics that addresses all these questions about how to wear a mask and much more. I’m sharing this with you because frankly, from what I observe in the way many wear masks, it’s time for a refresher on best practices with masks.

Recently the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its guidance on cloth face masks to add that they can protect the wearer as well as prevent that individual from infecting others.

Masks aren’t a perfect solution or perfectly efficient, yet they do help limit and are preventative in spreading disease.

From what you observe, are people following the advice in this article about how to wear a mask?

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Tom Greenberg January 7, 2021 - 8:17 am

Even if a certain time has passed fighting against Covid, there are still many confusions regarding masks. This blog addresses those questions. There is no point in wearing the mask if not worn properly.

A cloth mask is the right choice for individuals. Thank you for this information.


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