Don’t Miss Out On Paying Less For Your Hotel Rooms

by Shelli Stein

Resort fees, destination fees; call them what you want, they all stink. Hotels have a menu (except we don’t get to pick and choose) of junk fees that are attached to our bills for all kinds of “services and amenities” that used to be complimentary or something we could choose to pay extra for. I don’t think any of us really believe hotel claims about why they’re now adding on these fees. From what I’ve read, it seems like these fees enable hotels to still claim their rates are lower and also pay less to travel agents since commissions are paid based on the base rate, not the total rate.

But I digress. Even though we may not be able to avoid resort/destination fees, we can be proactive about saving money on hotel rooms. It is possible to pay less for hotel rooms!

It’s no secret that my go-to resource for making sure I’m getting the best possible deal on hotel rooms is Pruvo. And I noticed that Greg at Frequent Miler still suggests Pruvo as one of his recommended tools to use for hotel deals!

With the busy travel-booking season coming up, I reached out to Pruvo to see IF there were locations where they were noticing price drops on hotel stays. And if so, in which locations.

Turns out if you’re heading to Vegas, New York, or Thailand (and not just in Bangkok) Pruvo is seeing a drop in hotel prices at a higher rate than in other places. Now, of course, these are not the only locations where hotel prices drop. They are just a few locations that Pruvo picked up as offering good deals right now. But it shows us that when we book hotel prices we may think we’re getting a good price but it can always get better!

Are you overpaying for hotel rooms?

Everyone loves a good hotel sale, right? I don’t know about you but to me, getting a hotel on sale means paying less than you normally would. Sales aren’t everyday events but getting the best price possible on each and every hotel stay can be an every trip event! It’s easy to know if the price you’re paying for your hotel stays is the very lowest price possible.

No matter what website you use to book your hotel rooms, if you’re paying cash and book a free cancellation rate, after you’ve booked your reservation make sure to Pruvo-proof your reservation. This ensures you’re getting the best price possible. And bringing Pruvo into the loop is super easy to do.

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Pruvo’s Newest Upgrade

I’m one of Pruvo’s biggest fans because they just keep getting better and better making it even easier for us to use their app. Recently they added a new integration feature for Gmail.

The new Gmail integration feature allows for automatic importing of hotel reservations (from the major booking sites) without the need of forwarding the confirmation mails. In order to activate this feature, click on this link and select “Link With Google”

If you are not interested in this feature, of course you can use regular email or Facebook just as before.

Here’s a short video to see how Pruvo works.

I wrote a detailed post about how to Pruvo your reservation. However, Pruvo has made some great changes besides the one I mentioned above. All the changes make Pruvo-proofing your reservations even better.

How Pruvo Gets Even Better

Even if you have a travel agent make your hotel reservation and they’ve attached special perks for you, Pruvo tracks the exact same room with the exact same perks. For example, if you book a Superior room with a king size bed, sofa bed, free wifi, and balcony with side sea view, Pruvo will search for the exact same room with the exact same perks…or better. As long as these perks are offered by the major online travel agencies as well, then the possibility of finding potential price drops remains the same. The option to pay less for hotels rooms no matter where your booking comes from is a great win!

You Can Even Get A Better Room Using Pruvo

Pruvo has also started looking for better rooms within the same hotel as well, as long as it is less expensive than the original room. Pruvo added this feature since sometimes there might be significant discounts on Superior, Deluxe, or Luxury rooms, but for standard rooms nothing has changed. Who wouldn’t want an upgraded room for the same price or less?

No Need To Be Concerned About Privacy With Pruvo

Pruvo noticed that some people have security concerns regarding sending their original reservation. We want to pay less for hotel rooms but not sacrifice our personal information.

Follow these steps: once you create an account, head over to the Tracked Bookings section and click the “click here” button for manually importing your reservation. It is important to note that Pruvo never has access to your credit card information. They do not make any changes to reservations, nor book new ones, nor cancel original ones.

Pruvo’s Multi-language Interface

Pruvo has also added interface in Portuguese, French, Russian, Italian, German and Catalan due to its growth in countries speaking those languages. And they now have a demo video with step by step explanations on how to use their service. This is a great addition to their website.

Final Thoughts on How To Pay Less For Hotel Rooms

If you haven’t tried Pruvo to pay less for hotel rooms, you’re missing out. Since they started in May 2016, they have already saved their customers over a million dollars. Even if you are using one of the other sites that work in this way, give them a try and see what you think. Pruvo is a no risk “nothing to lose” way to monitor your hotel bookings. Just as people buy traveler’s insurance, using Pruvo is basically using a free best price insurance policy.

If you don’t hear from them… congratulations! You booked the best deal. If you do hear from them… great news! They just saved you money! Either way, you have nothing to lose.

If you already use Pruvo, what’s been your biggest hotel savings? Come on, brag a little! Any questions, let me know in the comments below.

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