Coronavirus and Jigsaw Puzzles: A Likely Fit

by Shelli

If I asked you to name another commodity, besides toilet paper and hand sanitizer,  that was rare during this stay-at-home period, what would you guess? I’ll bet you wouldn’t guess jigsaw puzzles! Apparently though, you can add jigsaw puzzles to the list of precious items.

Not being a puzzler myself, I hadn’t a clue. Growing up, a friend’s mother was always working on a puzzle. When they were done she would glue them together, frame them, and hang them in her sewing room. I loved to look at the ones of famous icons around the world, like the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and a famous temple in Kyoto, Japan. But that was then and I had no idea jigsaw puzzles were still so popular.

Jigsaw puzzle boxes

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Jigsaw Puzzle Popularity During Coronavirus

Puzzle makers around the country haven’t been able to keep up with the increased demand for jigsaw puzzles. Their popularity makes sense when you think about it. Everyone is looking for a little “piece” and quiet!

For many, piecing together jigsaw puzzles is a way to occupy spare time. It requires attention to detail and focus; it’s distracting and relaxing. And those are qualities we appreciate right about now.

Just How Popular Are Jigsaw Puzzles?

In fact, jigsaw puzzle sales are reported up by more than 300%. As a result, many jigsaw puzzle producers have sold out of inventory Adding to the supply chain issue, manufacturing has shut down (puzzle making is not considered an essential business). For producers who still have puzzles in stock, they’re dealing with safety and social distancing concerns in their warehouses.

Jigsaw puzzle

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Puzzle makers have a suggestion for puzzle lovers who still have a supply on their game shelf or in their closet. Take them out! This would be a good time to take on a challenging puzzle without buying a new one. A Facebook group  doing jigsaw puzzles during coronavirus recommends working first on the puzzle’s edges. “Sort out non-edge pieces by shape on separate trays; don’t start with a puzzle that’s too big; and take your time.”

Puzzle Pieces

Courtesy Pickpik

Final Thoughts

Jigsaw puzzles during coronavirus top the list of creative ways to spend time indoors. It’s also a healthy and satisfying way to share time with others. Though, as many puzzle lovers know, the pastime can become addictive (but in a good way). Are you working on jigsaw puzzles during your shelter-in-place days? What’s your favorite one? If I were going to start a puzzle, I’d make it a picture of my favorite coconut coffee from Cong Cafe in Vietnam!

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