Hawaii Arresting Social Distancing Violators – Cites Thousands in ReOpening’s First Week

by Miles Jackson

Hawaii is the Aloha State, but that doesn’t mean it won’t hesitate to lay down the law – the social distancing law! I just penned an article on how Hawaii is welcoming back visitors to the 50th State. Hawaiian Airlines is ramping up their schedule to meet the anticipated demand. Just in the first week or reopening and it appears that Hawaii is arresting social distancing violators.

Well, it its first week of trying to reopen to tourism, Honolulu’s police department reports it issued warnings or citations to thousands of people in violation of the state’s COVID protocols. Hawaii launched a pre-arrival testing program to reopen to tourists and already there’s trouble in paradise.

Hawaii Arresting Social Distancing Violators

The Honolulu Police Department says its officers issued 8,400 warnings and 885 citations for ‘not wearing masks or failing to social distance’ since the launch of the traveler testing program Thursday. Officers have also arrested numerous violators of the Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s emergency orders. One such specific order mandates “Indoor and outdoor social gatherings of more than five individuals are prohibited.”

Violators – Tourists or Locals?

Hawaii Arresting Social Distancing Violators Outrigger Canoe Waikiki Beach

Although fun, riding in an outrigger canoe on Waikiki Beach would violate social distancing protocols

The department says they do not distinguish between local residents and tourists in their record-keeping of citations. Therefore, we do not know how many of these violators are tourists in the land of Aloha.

As many as 8,000 people arrived in Hawaii on the first day of the state’s new program allowing visitors to come without 14-day quarantines; if they produce a negative COVID test.

In-Flight Education Necessary?

Some government officials have suggested the airlines play an informational video on flights to Hawaii to inform visitors of the state’s COVID prevention guidelines.

That sounds like a pretty reasonable idea. None could be as bad as some safety videos I have seen in the past. Remember the Virgin America Safety Rap?

Final Thoughts

We should all be excited that Hawaii is making an effort to offer a vacation experience to visitors without a mandatory quarantine. At the same time, travelers need to familiarize themselves with laws and protocols which may affect them at any destination. Hawaii is only asking that guests respect the government’s requirements and efforts to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading.

Perhaps knowing that a person tested negative on their COVID test pre-arrival may give some a false sense of security. As we have seen in the news, surges can and do happen in a  moment’s time.

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If you’re planning to visit Hawaii that’s great – it’s at the top of many lists for people seeking to get away right now. Just be safe and follow the law.

What do you think about Hawaii arresting social distancing violators? 

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Jackson Henderson October 23, 2020 - 11:41 am

BLM is right that ACAB. They will blindly follow orders that infringe upon fundamental freedoms. We just have different reasons for hating them.

Jimmy October 23, 2020 - 11:55 am

Can’t wait to see this nonsense challenged in court. Locking an American in a cage for failing to wear a mask. Unbelievable.

AlohaDaveKennedy October 23, 2020 - 3:03 pm

BLM can never be right because it was funded and founded by the left.


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