5 Hawaii Travel Secrets

by Shelli Stein

Is there ever a bad time of year to visit Hawaii? Maybe that’s a silly question. After all, for many, Hawaii is a dream-come-true vacation spot. It’s a location people visit time and time again. Hawaii has the ocean, sunsets, mountains, and beach time, which all make for a lovely, relaxing vacation. It’s also true that getting to Hawaii, lodging, and meals all come with a price. Why not see if there are indeed better times of year to visit, and what that means for you. Listen up for some Hawaii travel secrets!

I found this article an informative read. It speaks to whether or not there are better or worse times to visit Hawaii and why that’s so. It starts by making the point that there are virtually no slow times any longer. The article also shares 5 Hawaii travel secrets.

Hawaii Travel Secret #1

If you’re someone who likes to avoid crowds, Hawaii travel secret #1 will let you in on the least crowded times of years to visit. Yes, for many Hawaii is a favored destination, and yet there are times when the crowds do thin out.

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Hawaii Travel Secret #2

If saving money makes a trip to Hawaii even more accessible and you have some flexibility in planning, Hawaii travel secret #2 is for you. There are definitely times of the year when prices dip and times when they are on steroids. Planner and buyer beware!

Hawaii Travel Secret #3

Will you be surfing while in Hawaii? Hawaii travel secret #3 speaks to both surfers and anyone who enjoys the ocean. While ocean temperatures remain more or less constant year-round, the conditions vary greatly. Make sure to read this section so you’re in the know. Staying safe while enjoying the ocean definitely makes for a wonderful vacation!

Hawaii Travel Secret #4

Let’s be honest. Many travelers choose Hawaii for the weather. So why not go during the season when the weather suits you? Yes, there is weather in Hawaii 🙂 And it varies more than you think. If visiting Hawaii during the best weather matters to you, check out Hawaii travel secret #4.

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Hawaii Travel Secret #5

Hawaii travel secret #5 is about the other things you might be planning on your holiday. Will you hike, visit volcanoes, go whale watching, or enjoy the many festivals and celebrations that happen year-round in the islands? If so, there are best times of year for all of these activities.

Final Thoughts

All-in-all, I thought this article had many good pieces of advice. Who doesn’t want Hawaii travel secrets? It often helps to not just know what you’re looking for on your Hawaiian vacation. Being able to pair those factors with the time of year to visit makes creating and then taking your trip even more special!

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