Read This Funny Passenger “Complaint Note” to JetStar

by Enoch

The airline industry is one where businesses get a lot of complaints: from weather delays that aren’t airlines’ faults, to annoying fees that may have been glossed over by passengers. Often things don’t go as planned, like mechanical holdups that may take someone to her/his destination a day or two late, or an overbooked flight where someone has to be denied boarding.

A JetStar Airways 787 Dreamliner. JetStar/Flickr

A JetStar Airways 787 Dreamliner. JetStar/Flickr

A passenger, Jay Mancuso, wrote a pretty funny “complaint note” to Australian low-cost carrier JetStar, which is wholly owned by Qantas. He penned the note after his wife and his seats were mis-allocated on his flight back from their honeymoon in Bali.

Dear Mr & Mrs Jetstar.

Hello, my name is Jay, and you guys gave me and my beautiful new wife a lift to Bali the other week to get married. Twas a lovely occasion and I believe you also gave about 60ish of our guests a lift also. Apart from the cramped seats, all went very well.

Now, I have read with interest several attacks on budget airlines, such as yourself, in recent years. Today I’d like to become one of these people (insert eye roll here).

On Friday evening at Denpasar international airport, my wife (still getting used to that) and I checked in at your Jetstar desk. Tired and grumpy (no one likes leaving holidays) we walked through the immigration stuff and wasn’t till we were “on the other side” we noticed that we were incorrectly allocated our seats. Prior to travel, I booked and paid for extra legroom, being a big fella, in seats 1a and 1b. Alas, we were allocated 15c and 15b. What?! That’s outrageous, I thought. I continued to the gate and talked to a lovely lady there who said the seats were double booked. But they changed our seats to 2a & 2b. Oh well, not much I can do from here.

Disgruntled as we were, we walked onto the plane and a wonderful lady , Abbey ? Flight manager, asked us why we had our tickets changed. I explained. Abbey then moved us to front row opposite and apologised profusely.

BUT! It didn’t stop there. Abbey had the nerve to tell us that she was incredibly embarrassed about our mix up, gave us both a Jetstar comfort pack (love the toothbrush) and a warm little blanket for the journey. Wow, of all the insolence. Then, THEN just after take off, would you believe she continued her torrent of niceness, and told us to select a beverage and some food FREE of charge!!!!!

Landing in Adelaide at 6:00am she then still gave us a huge friendly smile and apologised once again.

This is not the behaviour one expects when travelling with a low cost carrier and it must stop! I expect far less of your staff and I think Abbey needs a good talking to.

So, in finishing. To dear Abbey, flight manager on board flight JQ128 ex DPS -ADL on Friday night the 25th November 2016, I salute you. Your customer Service and attention to detail was exemplary. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you turned our frowns upside down. Jetstar, give this girl a sticker of excellence. It’s conduct like this that ensure we will be flying Jetstar again. (But can we please have a Dreamliner plane for the Adelaide to DPS run?)

Yours in good fun.

Jay Mancuso

Obviously, the flight manager went above and beyond in service recovery, and this is really a compliment in disguise. An airport agent was able to assigned seats of the same “class,” and flight attendants brought over free food, drinks, and a “comfort pack” to make up for the inconvenience. But JetStar also took the note in good fun, and a “Mrs. JetStar” wrote back on Facebook.

Thank you for your post and congratulations to you and your new Mrs!

I’m sorry to hear of the issues with your seating, but so glad Abbey could turn it around for you and make sure you had an awesome flight. We go to great lengths to try and provide passengers with excellent customer service so it’s always helpful when a customer takes the time to tell us exactly what we’re getting right.

It’s also really rewarding for our team to have their work recognised in such a thoughtful way. I’ve passed your comments on to Abbey and her managers and I know they’ll really appreciate your thanks.

I’m sorry if I’m just pushing it too far, but I’ve also requested for a refund to be processed back to your credit card for the cost of the extra leg room seating, just as a further gesture of goodwill (how annoying can we be?). We’ll process this within 15 business days.

Thanks again for your great post and all the best to you and your new wife. We hope to see you both on board again soon 🙂

Cheers – Mrs Jetstar (Emma)

I think the passenger had a great attitude through all of this, and a huge kudos to JetStar for going absolutely above and beyond. This goes to show that with all the “horror” stories we sometimes hear about air travel, there are always staff members out there that can and will do their best to make it up for passengers when things go South.


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Kiki December 5, 2016 - 10:38 am

Lovely! Thanks for turning my frown upside down as well with your post. :)(:

phoenix December 6, 2016 - 12:54 am

US Airlines, take note. This is how you treat people!

dat ve jetstar November 19, 2018 - 12:33 am

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