The 10 Hottest Travel Topics from 2019

by Shelli

As another year and another decade come to an end, it’s a good time to look back and reflect on what topics PointMe readers have been reading about. When I consistently read posts from a particular site I often wonder if others are interested in the same things I am. Maybe you do too?

This is why I put together this selection of the hottest topics and most read blog posts for the year, as well as over time. I hope you will find something worth remembering, or learning about for the first time.

Most Popular Posts of 2019

Our most popular posts of 2019 included fun stories for the very young traveler in all of us, practical guides for hotel status, help differentiating between credit cards, and how to avoid making travel mistakes.

1.  Would your 10 year-old-self have written a letter like this one to an airline CEO? And even better, the CEO responded!

2.  While mileage running may not be for everyone, it can be done at any age and even for top tier status at your favorite airline. This story just might inspire you.

3. Credit cards can open up a world of travel opportunities. The challenging part is often knowing which cards are the best to accomplish our goals. This guide helps you navigate the premium credit card landscape.

4. When it comes to Caesar, I’m much more familiar with the salad than the Vegas hotel scene! If you prefer Vegas, though, knowing how to earn and maximize Caesar Diamond status is a must.

5. Getting the dreaded SSSS on your boarding pass and having to spend extra time in airport security is no fun, and that’s putting it mildly. It’s good to know how to handle this situation when and if it happens to you.

6. Southwest has its loyal fans, and many of them use EarlyBird Check-in. Is it right for you, though? This guide will help you decide.

7. We all make travel mistakes. Yes, ALL of us. Here are some of the biggest ones we make and how to avoid them.

8. Often times, navigating security at an airport is complicated. If you’re traveling to Israel, knowing beforehand about security at Ben Gurion Airport will be helpful.

Southwest fans find PointMe’s posts helpful! Our most popular posts of all time help flatten out Google Flights’ learning curve, and carrying a passport and navigating airports aren’t always as straight-forward as they seem. Delta flyers appreciate the more technical posts about their favorite airline.

Champagne to celebrate the new year

Most Popular Posts From All Years

1. Southwest Airlines is quirky and does things, how shall we put it, a little bit differently. You either LUV them or show your LUV elsewhere. Understanding how their fare structure works is the first step in getting to know how to create the best SWA relationship.

2. With your Southwest ticket in hand, you’ve got to sit somewhere on the plane! Choosing the best seat on a SWA flight can be tricky. Here’s what you need to know.

3. Having a Southwest Airlines credit card comes with perks!

4. I’ve been using Google Flights more than ever. I’ll admit, though, that there’s a learning curve. This guide provides an in-depth look that gets you from Google Flights newbie to power-user in no time flat.

5. Do you always need to carry a passport with you when you travel? That might seem like a simple question to answer, but not for every place or for every situation.

6. Navigating airports, and some airports in particular, can rank right up there with the most frustrating travel experiences. Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport definitely presents challenges.

7. You have your Southwest ticket and your seat, so now it’s time to uplevel your knowledge and learn about the many other SWA hacks.

8. Delta loyalists really rock out on knowing as much information about Delta as possible. Especially the A220 routes that Delta flies!

Final Thoughts

We cover a wide variety of travel and miles/points topics here at PointMe, that’s for sure. Apparently we have a wide variety of interests among our readers, so there’s always something for everyone to learn about.

I hope you found something we’ve written in 2019, or in past years, that entertained, educated, or inspired you in some small way. It’s a big world out there that’s well worth exploring and enjoying, and we’re glad and thankful to have you along for the ride. Hope your holiday season is a beautiful and meaningful one, wherever you spend it!

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