Qantas Eliminates Frequent Flyer Numbers From Boarding Passes To Deter Hackers

by Chris Dong

Do it for the ‘gram they said. In today’s modern era of social media posting and flaunting, it’s easier than ever to inadvertently share personal information on the interwebs.

Take for instance, a photo with your passport, a glass of bubbly, and your boarding pass (which is also probably one of the most cliché travel photos to exist). However, that boarding pass has lots of information that not-so-nice people could use to their advantage. And I’ve been guilty of it before — posting a photo with a frequent flyer number or barcode.

Starting in the coming weeks, Qantas has confirmed that they will eliminate frequent flyer numbers from physical boarding passes. The reason? To maintain customer privacy. Qantas has already removed frequent flyer information from digital boarding passes.

“Qantas Frequent Flyer numbers are being removed from both digital and printed boarding passes to maintain customer privacy,” a Qantas spokesperson said.

Qantas New Livery on the 787. Source: Qantas

Source: Qantas

Not to worry, your elite level status will still be displayed for you (and your followers).

However, I still would not recommend posting a photo of your boarding pass anywhere. It still is possible to easily access your itinerary and details simply with a passenger reference number, last name, or barcode. From there, it’s unlikely a would-be hacker could access your frequent flyer account, but still may be able to change your seat, cancel your itinerary, or swap flights.

Save the ‘gram for the destination. Or at the very least, blur out your boarding pass details, please. It’s also probably time for airlines to have some kind of two-factor authentication when it comes to accessing your itinerary online.


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