Southwest’s CEO Says Air Travel Should Take Off Soon

by Shelli

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly says it’s safe to fly again. Southwest is one of the largest air companies in the US. It is also one of the most LUV-ed! If Americans were polled as to the first airline they’d like to see get back into the skies and on track, it could very well be Southwest. So when the CEO of Southwest speaks, people listen. But does what he says make sense? You can decide for yourself about the Southwest Airlines coronavirus timeline.

What does Kelly predict about the post pandemic travel timeline?

In a May 3rd interview on CBS, Kelly said that with added social distancing and plane cleaning precautions, air travel could and should resume. Kelly stated that flying is safe again. He added, “We’re doing everything possible to encourage people to come back and fly.”

Is the worst over when it comes to coronavirus and air travel?

Kelly suggested that the worst is over concerning air travel and the coronavirus pandemic. As we all know, the pandemic has paralyzed the air travel industry. This has resulted in reduced flights, airport closures, and layoffs. The industry is considered a major one. It employs more than 750,000 workers.

Now, we’re seeing a decrease of new coronavirus cases. Businesses are beginning to open around the country. This creates a feeling of optimism. So it follows that the air travel industry is cautiously optimistic about taking flight soon.

Southwest is hardly a typical discount airline.

How does flying look different post pandemic?

Kelly said that by using a “layered” approach to seating and requiring crew and passengers to wear face masks, plane travel is “as safe as any environment you’re going to find.” Southwest Airlines and coronavirus policies need to be carefully considered.

The government’s emergency assistance program gave Southwest $3.2 billion to keep it functioning during the current pandemic situation, and Southwest raised an addition $6 billion the last week in April.

Kelly predicted that we’ll see increased air travel in July and August. “Each week after the first of April has gotten successfully better,” he said.

Final Thoughts

The crisis is far from over, though. Without a boost in air travel and industry revenue, Southwest, like other airlines, may be facing staff layoffs later this summer—a scenario that no one wants to see. Each passenger must decide for themselves when they feel ready to take to the skies. That’s the bottom line no matter how much LUV you’re feeling!

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George May 5, 2020 - 9:28 am

I’m flying every week, have been since.. January or so.

The last 7-10 days has been noticeably busier in airports.
TSA is reporting traffic up 100% from the low point (still low obviously, but, double from the bottom).

So, I can imagine a huge wave of bookings is coming for June/July/August and the rest of the year.
There will be deals, and people are itching to get out there.

Shelli May 5, 2020 - 11:43 am

Thanks for your “boots on the ground” update, George!


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