Spirit Airlines Unveils A More Comfortable Seat?!

by Chris Dong

Spirit Airlines isn’t known for innovating on the passenger experience or making your onboard journey particularly pleasant. But if you want to get from point A to point B in the most cost-effective manner, Spirit fits the bill.

Now, the low-cost-carrier is trying to at least slightly enhance the experience — with a brand new seat. First, let’s get this out of the way — Spirit isn’t about to compete with Singapore Airlines.

Spirit Airlines New Seat

However, the airline did just announce a few notable things that at least makes the Spirit experience seemingly better. First, middle seat width will actually be wider than your aisle and window seat neighbors. That makes the middle seat slightly less intolerable (but still intolerable).

It’s worth mentioning that Spirit already has slightly narrower seats than its competitors to make the aisles wider. Wider aisles means faster boarding and deplaning so planes can be turned around quicker.

That means middle seats will be finally comparable to other airlines that operate an Airbus narrowbody plane — aisle and window seats remain an inch less than the competition.

Other improvements:

  • New seats built by Acro Aircraft seating with memory foam
  • More lumbar support and 30″ of legroom* (instead of the current 28″ of pitch)
    • I’m not sure if this is actually 30″ of pitch or just that the seat is designed in a way that simulates that amount of legroom
  • An extra inch of recline (pre-set since Spirit seats don’t actually recline)
  • New seat cushions and stiching on Spirit’s “Big Front Seat” (basically a domestic first class seat without the first class service)

Rollout of this new seat will begin with Spirit’s 60 soon-to-be delivered aircraft and a retrofit of 40 existing planes by 2021. Since Spirit has 135 planes currently, it seems that most aircraft probably won’t even get this seat.

The number of seats on Spirit’s planes will remain exactly the same. These changes are definitely not revolutionary but for Spirit where penny pinching is the norm, this is a win.

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