Get Priority Boarding By Drinking At Starbucks This Week

by Chris Dong

Goodbye pumpkin spice. Hello eggnog, chestnuts, and peppermint. Starbucks’ lineup of holiday desserts drinks and red cups are synonymous with the season. Starting tomorrow November 7, Starbucks holiday drinks and iconic red cups are back. But there’s something new this year — Alaska Airlines priority boarding?

While your favorite beverages are making a comeback — i.e. Peppermint Mocha, Toasted White Chocolate, Caramel Brulee Latte, Chestnut Praline Latte and Eggnog Latte — Starbucks is partnering with Alaska Airlines for a select few days. Y

es, your coffee can come with an extra shot of priority boarding on Alaska. Here is how Starbucks priority boarding on Alaska works.

Starbucks Priority Boarding On Alaska Airlines

From November 7 through November 10, anyone who shows up to boarding on an Alaska flight with a Starbucks Holiday cup will receive priority boarding.

While first class and elite status holders will still board first, passengers with Starbucks holiday cups will be given priority in the “espresso” lane, following group B.

On select West Coast flights, Alaska passengers may be surprised with a holiday-themed aircraft and surprise Starbucks treats on their seats.

Starbucks And Alaska, A Natural Partnership

Both companies are Seattle-based and Alaska Airlines serves Starbucks coffee on their flights.

The funny thing is that some airport Starbucks including those at SFO, ATL and MSP are piloting compostable cups, so they won’t have holiday cups. Thankfully, they’ll have holiday sleeves, which, along with the regular cup, are eligible for priority boarding.

The Upshot

While this Starbucks priority boarding promo with Alaska is more of a gag than anything, this is still a fun partnership to get travelers into the holiday spirit.

Who knew your holiday drink could be so rewarding? It still doesn’t quite make up for the hugely devalued Starbucks rewards program from earlier this year, however…



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