The 9 Most Overrated Tourist Destinations

by Adam

You can skip these on your next trip! Yahoo travel took to Reddit and checked in with TripAdvisor to find the most overrated tourist destinations. Here are the top 4, click here for their full list.

“What’s all the hype about Stonehenge. We went out of our way to go there and when we get there, there’s about 1 million people off buses walking around in a circle aimlessly.” — LadyElle000

The Mall of America
“A big disappointment. Not much to look at unless you want to go on rides. Everything was overpriced.” — Wendy1974

La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina
We went to La Boca during the day and had a terrible experience. Don´t bother going. It’s nothing more than a tourist trap with a few colorful houses and coffee bars and restaurant that completely rip you off.” — Startec

The Golden Temple, Kyoto, Japan
“The structure itself is rather banal and seemly it’s only attraction is the fact that gold leaf is used to coat the top two levels.”

Full list here.


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Steve R December 1, 2015 - 8:47 pm

The list is short, thousands of more places could be included as being overrated, especially the overcrowded ones on a planet now filled with 7.2 billion people.. That comes from 5 decades of traveling. You look back and realize that the best places were the unknown, driving the countryside and pulling into a small town or village in France and no tourists to be seen, but finding a good restaurant and non-jaded locales. Priceless!

Rick b December 2, 2015 - 4:59 am

I once got a refund from Stonehenge that’s how pissed I was for wasting time going there. I called them out for going out of their way in marketing materials to make it seem like walking anywhere inside it was possible.

If you’re in that area, spend more time in Bath instead.

Kathy (Will Run For Miles) December 2, 2015 - 5:45 am

I love Mannekin Pis! and I’ve always wanted to visit the Little Mermaid. True, the La Boca area felt unsafe – but one should still visit there – perhaps in a tour bus or a taxi with the doors locked? the Hollywood stars? It’s not like you have to pay an entry fee or wait on line – but you need to walk down Hollywood Blvd just so you can sing the song, right? What about the Kasbah? The Mona Lisa? Why is the Mall of America even on the list?


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