15 Helpful Tips For Sleeping On A Plane

by Zoe

With airlines packing in flights with more and more passengers, the metal flying tubes that we fly in resemble more like sardine can than actual plane. If you are relegated to sitting in economy, that means sleeping on a plane can be incredibly tough. Sure, a lie-flat bed in business or first class certainly makes things better, but there are tips that can even make that sleep more restful. (And reading Point Me helps you get up front.)

Of course, missing out on sleep can further the effects of jet lag and overall exhaustion when you reach your destination.

Casper, the bedding and mattress company that also happens to partner with American Airlines, recently conducted a study and came up with 15 science backed tips for sleeping on an airplane.

Here are all 15 tips along with a handy infographic that will help you make your sleep more restful onboard.

1. Stay at the right temperature.
2. Wear bed socks.
3. Power down your devices.
4. Wear a light-blocking eye mask.
5. Listen to pink noise.
6. Wear noise-canceling headphones or earplugs.
7. Uncross legs and use footrests.
8. Lean backward with proper support.
9. Add a pillow to the lower seat back.
10. Embrace a neck pillow.
11. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.
12. Try lavender aromatherapy.
13. Munch on potassium-high snacks..
14. Stay humid and hydrated.
15. Practice mindfulness meditation.

15 science-backed tips for sleeping on a plane

The full study can be found here.

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1 comment

Boraxo June 23, 2019 - 6:49 pm

None of these are particularly helpful or insightful. Instead I would recommend:
(1) Fly at night when your body time is right for sleep. A 3pm departure doesn’t work, but 7pm does.
(2) Take a longer flight – 7 hours TATL from east coast doesn’t provide enough time to sleep but 10 hours from west coast (either direction) does.
(3) splurge for business class. It is impossible for many people to sleep upright – so do yourself a favor and get a lie flat seat. Well worth the cost in miles.


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