United Confirms Pets Not Allowed in Overhead, Flight Attendant Didn’t Know Dog Was in Bag – Investigation Under Way

by Adam

New details emerged this morning in the sad death of a 10-month old puppy aboard a United flight on Sunday night. ABC News is now reporting that the flight attendant did not know that there was a puppy in the carrier bag when she forced the passenger to place it in the overhead bin. Apparently, the flight attendant was “frazzled and shocked” when she learned upon landing that there was in fact a puppy in the carrier.

“She said that she did not know there was a dog in the bag and if so she never would have instructed it to be put in the bin above.”

United continues to take full responsibility for the incident:

“This was a tragic accident that should have never occurred, as pets should never be placed in the overhead bin,” United said in a statement. “We assume full responsibility for this tragedy and express our deepest condolences to the family and are committed to supporting them. We are thoroughly investigating what occurred to prevent this from ever happening again.”

Fellow passengers are telling multiple press outlets that the dog was in the bin for the full 3 hour flight and was not taken out or given water at any point. Although tragic, one has to ask why the owner didn’t think to check on the dog at all throughout the entire flight, though other passengers are claiming that she was too frightened from the scolding flight attendant and didn’t want to upset her further.

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Vicente March 14, 2018 - 12:47 pm

There have been allegations of passenger telling FA it was a pet carrier.

Without video of the exchange though, imagine something like this:
FA: “Maam your bag is sticking out, please put it in the overhead”.
pax: “that’s my pet carrier.”
FA: (not hearing her, or seeing a pet head visible) “put it overhead please”.

There are many ways miscommunication could be at the root of this.

I’m reminded how once I asked an FA if I could go to the restroom
while the seatbelts sign was lit. She told me “I’m required to tell you
that you should remain seated.” Now I understood what she was REALLY
telling me, is that she was trained to admonish people thus but that really
nothing was going to happen to me if I ignored her. She phrased that
really well, but if she’d said it a little differently I might have taken it
as an absolute order.

Jennifer March 14, 2018 - 1:21 pm

eh multiple passengers are saying they heard her say several times that it was her dog in there. That she argued with her for a few minutes and kept repeating that the dog was in there. You can read the passengers reports on line. She can claim that she didn’t know there was a dog in there but come on!

No they shouldn’t have put him up there in the first place, and she should have checked on him. But she was also traveling with a newborn and another child. If you’ve never traveled with children you don’t know how consuming that can be. Lots of blame to go around everywhere but silly to try to admonish the flight attendant entirely.

Update: Family Accuses United Attendant of Lying - ABC Corrects Previous Article Claiming Crew Was Unaware Animal Was in Bag - Point Me to the Plane March 14, 2018 - 2:34 pm

[…] morning we shared an update from ABC News that the flight attendant involved in Sunday’s puppy death was not aware that […]

Vic March 14, 2018 - 5:33 pm

“She said that she did not know there was a dog in the bag”

Of course, she said that. That’s her only freaking chance to get herself out of this. For fuxk’s sake please fire her and charge her with animal cruelty. Some witnesses have confirmed that the FA knows there’s an animal in the carrier, some citing the hearing “Put your **dog** in the overhead bin.”


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