Making Sweet Memories In The World’s Most Luxurious Suites

by Shelli Stein

Traveling can provide many sweet memories. You know, those moments of special memories made over sharing a delicious meal with family and friends that you would never cook at home. Or realizing a long held dream of visiting a destination or site you’ve always wanted to see up close and personal. But there are other types of sweet memories as well. Let’s call them suite memories and super suite ones. If you like lists, eye candy, and peeking into the super suite life, you’ll enjoy this article of the world’s top 100 hotel suites. These are indeed the world’s most luxurious hotel suites!

A few of the top choices were in countries or destinations I’ve not yet visited. Most, though, were in places I have traveled to and I even walked by the buildings and hotels having no idea they housed super suites. No one invited me in to take a peek:)

I have had my share of suite stays that were wonderful and opulent. But in no way do they compare to this group. These suites display jaw-dropping opulence and show-stopping views.

As the article says, “Fit for royalty? These are even upgraded for royalty in most instances.”

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A Closer Look At The World’s Luxurious Hotel Suites

When I looked through the top choices of hotels and of these super luxurious suites, I noticed a few things.

As you might think, many of them were oriented towards water views and island paradises such as the Maldives and St. Barths. Scenery did come into play with, for instance, suites having views of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. I can personally say that if you stay in Cape Town, you absolutely want a view of the mountain. It’s wonderful to wake up in the morning and see the mountain out your window. Watching the weather surrounding the mountain throughout the day is fascinating. But I digress…………

As someone who enjoys urban holidays, I was pleased to see five of my favorite cities on three different continents show up as top choices on this list. Who doesn’t love a high, high, very high floor view of Hong Kong Harbour?

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Only two cities in the US made the list. I’ll let you guess which ones, but think east coast.

As a continent, Europe topped the list with the most choices. With the continent’s long history of elegant and luxurious hotels, can’t say I’m surprised. The top choices were spread out around the world, though.

I found looking at these aspirational photos a fun few minutes. It did help me zero in on my tastes in design and luxury. And yes please, I’ll always prefer a suite with a lap pool!

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Final Thoughts

So while I don’t have a private jet lifestyle and I’m not changing any of my travel plans or hotel reservations to any of the world’s luxurious hotel suites, I do enjoy peeking behind doors. Especially suite ones!

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