Remember those 500 US Airways miles promised from Whiteboard that we never received and sort of lost hope on? Well, it looks like we might still get them! Of course, it made sense that most of us never received the miles as Whiteboard never even asked for an associated US Airways Dividend Miles number. As such, you can believe my shock when I received the following email in my inbox a few minutes ago:

Anyone else receive the same? I’ve sent on my membership details and I’ll report back if the miles actually post…

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  1. Will says:

    Received the same email and just sent my reply.

  2. Richard H says:

    I also got the same and received the following email after sending my DM number:

    Dear Member,

    Thank you for confirming your Dividend Miles account number. You will receive your miles within a few weeks. If you need anything else, please let us know.


    Joanne Santy
    Customer Service

  3. Thomas says:

    No email, but today 250 miles (although 500 miles were promised) posted to my account, and also to the GF’s as well. The descriptor for these miles is “UNITED SAMPLE ENROLLMENT BONUS.” Still, neither of us ever provided our DM number to USamp, so I’m not sure how these were routed to us. Oh well, we’ll take them.

    • adam says:

      @Thomas – Hah, interesting…i wonder how they knew the accounts!

    • W Jones says:

      I needed some activity on my account before June or my miles would expire. So this is timely, and saved me the $9 I would have had to spend to keep them active before the merger. Now, does this qualify as “QUALIFYING” activity to keep my account from expiring?

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