How to Get Sirius XM Radio Free… Until September 8!

One of the most unfortunate travel moments has to be when you get into a rental car with satellite radio capabilities … only to find out that the subscription has expired!  It is the pits when you’re on a road trip in a rental car, stuck scanning the local stations that you aren’t familiar with in hopes of catching a song you like.

Well, you no longer have to slip a $20 to the rental car agent, or hope that your upgraded midsize vehicle is less than 3 (or 6… or sometimes 12) months old.  At least from August 26 – September 8!

Sirius XM Radio is Free for 2 Weeks


Sirius XM is having a free listening trial from August 26 – September 8 for their deactivated radios.  The beauty of this promotion is that you do not need to do anything!  No credit cards, no automatic renewals, no activation phone calls – nada.  Just turn on the Sirius XM radio in  your rental car (or your own car!) and enjoy!

60 Free Sirius XM Channels


Sirius XM is offering 60 free channels, with a range of stations from pop music, to sports talk radio.  Heck, even the Canadians get a few channels!

Hope that Sirius XM radio free offer provides a few hours of entertainment for folks traveling in the next few weeks!



  1. SiriusXM as DRASTICALLY changed their chanel offerings, and not for the better! Perhaps, as subscribers consider whether to continue subscribing to Sirius, SiriusXM is scrambling to capture new customers?

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