Top 20 Countries w/ the Fastest Public WiFi

Tech watchdog Rotten WiFi is out with their annual list of the top 20 countries with the fastest public wifi. The big news is that the US and Germany have finally broken into the top 20. However, the US just slides into the 19th spot with an average speed of 8.7 Mbps, about half that of #1 ranked Lithuania at 16.6 Mbps. The Baltics are killing it!

Arturas Jonkus, CEO of TelcoQ, parent company of Rotten WiFi, said:

“The internet is part of our daily lives and has become a vital component for how we work, communicate and pass the time. Offering high speed public WiFi access is a great way for businesses and other organizations alike to draw in extra customers. WiFi access shouldn’t be something that public spots are considering implementing but rather a vital step for connecting in the modern technology age. Rotten WiFi users can log on and register their internet speed whatever country they’re in, helping us to build a comprehensive database of the best places to head to get online.”

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