Which Women Appear On Banknotes And Why

by Shelli Stein

I find currency a fascinating topic. From how to get the best exchange rates to strategies for using currency when we travel, my curious nature wants to learn more. When researching for a previous post I began wondering about the people who appear on banknotes. Can you name the people who are on the banknotes of your home country? How about the people on the banknotes of the countries you travel to? How about the banknotes that have pictures of women on them? Your attention to detail is challenged, eh? Mine sure is.

While the topic of women on banknotes won’t appeal to many readers, I found it worth reading about. Maybe you will too. Always fun to learn something new!

Women Featured on Currency

For instance, what percentage of banknotes have women on them? I’ll bet you a banknote from the Czech Republic with Agnes of Bohemia on it that you guessed higher than 15%. Some sources even say that percentage is lower.

There’s one woman who has been featured on various banknotes from different countries. I’ll give you a hint. Her initials are QE 🙂

And you might be surprised, as I was, at the variety of women professionals on banknotes. Authors, singers, poets, and painters are featured on a number of different currencies.

For instance, Sweden has Astrid Lindgren, the author of Pippi Longstocking, on their 20 kronor.

Women on U.S. Banknotes

Any idea who the first woman was to be featured on a U.S. banknote? Or who the most recent woman will be on a U.S. banknote?

If you’re curious about the women who appear on banknotes, who they are and what they are famous for, I found this great article that offers a visualization showing the women behind the bills.

While it’s not the hot travel topic of the day, and in many cases we don’t even deal with banknotes much anymore, it’s fun to learn and talk about when conversations about the latest hotel promotion lulls 🙂

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