Guess the Age – Average Fleet Age by US Airline…Hint, Spirit is the youngest!

They may have the worst customer service and the largest number of incremental charges, but they also hold the record for youngest US based fleet. That’s right, Spirit’s fleet of Airbus A319s, A320s, and A321s, averages just 6.6 years. Meanwhile, Delta is the oldest of the legacy carriers with an average fleet age of 17 years with United falling just a bit younger at 14.3 years.

Allegiant Air – 19.8
Delta – 17
United – 14.3
Southwest – 11.8
American – 10.8
Hawaiian – 10.8
JetBlue – 9.2
Alaska – 8.9 (7.4 including Virgin America)
Frontier – 7.3
Spirit – 6.6

Check out The Motely Fool for full details and to see each US carrier’s fleet broken out, including their youngest and oldest jets.


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