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There’s A “Flat Tire Rule” If You Miss Your Delta, American, United, & Southwest Flights

As the chaos of the holiday travel season kicks into full gear, here’s an important reminder of a rule that actually allows some leniency if you miss your flight…so don’t panic! It’s commonly referred to as the “flat tire” rule and basically permits you to standby fee-free on the next available flight (regardless of status).…

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Basic Economy is Helping Airlines Squeeze More Cash from Passengers

Did you feel that? Is your annual travel budget feeling a bit pinched? For the first time in years, airlines have found a way to make more money off each individual flier. Susan Carey, of The Wall Street Journal, reports that every U.S. airline is expecting increases in unit-revenue this year. Delta is expected to…

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My new SkyMiles award flight crush: China Airlines

China Airlines Skymiles SkyTeam award availability

If Delta’s SkyMiles program is the Mohave Desert of award travel, China Airlines is a hidden oasis waterfall. Once considered an also-ran to competitor EVA Airways, Taiwanese flagship carrier China Airlines now operates one of the best services across the Pacific Ocean. It also has the best award availability of just about any airline in…

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Opinion: Basic economy fares constitute a deceptive business practice

I am an awards booker. I spend hours per day looking at airfare, both in terms of award mileage and cash fares for positioning flights. Basic economy fares have made my work unnecessarily complicated. United and American have billed basic economy as a new class of service. Fliers who normally don’t have the funds to…

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Thoughts on the New AA Boarding Process (as a Platinum)

BACKGROUND Back in March of this year, American Airlines overhauled their boarding procedure, presumably in an effort to make the boarding process less complicated and to reduce congestion and delays with boarding. Prior to the changes, the boarding order was: (Preboarding of Concierge Key and passengers needing extra time) First Class and Uniformed U.S. Military…

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Airlines & Hotels Got Me These Birthday Presents: Elite Nights, Mile Offers & Food

Back in the day when I first got into this hobby (and when airlines and hotels worked really hard to build brand loyalty), I received some awesome birthday presents! We’re talking free nights, 500-1,000 miles, upgrade certificates, and 50% off coupon codes for future bookings. Not that I think any of those were required, but they certainly sparked…

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Airlines that Hand Out Souvenirs, From KLM Delft Blue Houses to Singapore Airlines Teddy Bears

Singapore Airlines Teddy Bears

For some business travelers, flying in premium cabins is almost a routine activity. I remember flying Cathay Pacific First Class, when I commented on the mini greeting card that accompanied the first meal service. The flight attendants looked at me with the biggest surprise, “most of our customers don’t even notice it anymore!” But for many…

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Entitled “Millionaire” Passenger Gets What He Deserves on JetBlue Flight

Don’t you just hate it when a fellow passenger acts in a way that suggests they are better than everyone else around them? On a recent JetBlue flight, you would have had the opportunity to catch one of these passengers in action. In a viral video viewed over 96,000 times already, a man who identified himself…

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Best Use for Old Amenity Kits Ever! How Many Do You Have Lying Around?

I was cleaning out a closet of amenity kits and airline pajamas (yes, a full closet) and began thinking whether these might be useful to someone.  The bags themselves could clearly still be used as well as some of the toiletries inside.  I contacted a local charity and took them through the contents of each amenity kit. They…

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Marriott Still Thinks Removing Desks is Brilliant & Innovative

Ever since Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports asked who stole the desk from his Marriott hotel room last week, media buzz and fervor to protest the new design has intensified…despite a Flyertalk forum that started all the way back in May. I asked Marriott for a comment last Tuesday and finally heard back today.  I was referred to this…

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