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Transatlantic Clear Air Turbulence to Double or Triple Due to Climate Change

Monday’s news of an Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Bangkok that experienced extreme turbulence and injured 27 passengers, some with broken bones, was due to clear air turbulence. Unlike normal turbulence, clear air turbulence occurs without a storm system or clouds and gives pilots no warning at all. CBS spoke to one scientist about the incident and…

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“Best Job on Earth” Paying Lucky Winner $10K/Month to Stay in Luxury Homes All over the World

A luxury vacation home rental service, Thirdhome, has narrowed down the finalists in their “Best Job on the Planet” competition. The winner will travel the world for three months, sharing their experiences on social media while getting paid $10K per month plus travel expenses. The trip will include stops to as many as 12 of…

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Obama, Oprah, Tom Hanks, and Springsteen Vacationing Together in French Polynesia, Which Hotel Did They Choose?

How does sailing on a 450-foot yacht off the coast of Tahiti sound? The Obamas, Oprah, Tom Hanks / Rita Wilson, and Bruce Springsteen and his wife Patti Scialfa are doing just that on a luxury yacht owned by David Geffen. The group are island-hopping near Tahiti and according to Travel + Leisure, the itinerary…

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NYTimes on the AmEx-Chase War

Charles Duhigg over at the New York Times discusses the battle between American Express and Chase for new cardmembers. While much ink has been spilled about the huge success of the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the massive amount of free social media advertising that Chase benefitted from, this article covers the launch of the CSR…

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Emirates A380 Wake Turbulence Causes Plane to Plunge & Flip Over 3-5 Times, “Miraculous Recovery”

A plane flying in the opposite direction underneath an Emirates A380 operating Dubai to Sydney experienced  extreme wake turbulence causing the Bombardier (Canadair) Challenger 604 to flip over “three to five times”, before plunging 10,000 feet towards the Arabian Sea. Miraculously, the pilots were able to recover the jet and perform an emergency landing in…

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