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Avianca Considering $500M Bid from United & $1.9B from Delta this Tuesday

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 8.36.55 AM

Back in early June we reported that Delta and United were among the top contenders bidding for a controlling stake in Colombian carrier Avianca. The New York Times, now has details on the final bids submitted by Delta, United, and Copa late last week. United offered a $500 million loan to Avianca and potentially one of its…

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Gogo Rolls out 2-Device Plans for In-flight Internet

Gogo is rolling out a new plan so you can be connected to the in-flight Wi-Fi on two devices at a time.

I have a love-hate relationship with Gogo, which is the major in-flight internet provider for American Airlines’ fleet. They can often be frustratingly slow, and the bandwidth is extremely limited, which really shows on flights with lots of business travelers. But for some people, in-flight Wi-Fi is really the only way for them to stay productive in-flight.…

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Air Traffic Controllers Get High, Snack, & Nap While Pilots’ Calls Go Unanswered


In a report released yesterday and obtained by the Miami Herald, it appears that air traffic controllers in charge of Boise Airport Boise and at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport were high, snacking, and sleeping rather than providing directions and runway details to pilots. Apparently a hospital helicopter and a private aircraft were trying to reach the…

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Horrific Scene at Barcelona Airport After Cleaning Staff Strike

Barcelona (BCN) airport became filled with trash amidst a strike from janitorial staff.

The El Prat airport is a world-class airport in Barcelona—the 40th busiest in the world in 2015, and one of the busiest in Europe. Almost 100 airlines operating flights out of there, carrying ~40 million passengers a year. Proper, seamless functioning of an airport this size requires a huge number of staff members—both front end and back end—all…

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TWA Terminal at JFK Will Soon Become a Hotel

TWA Flight Center. Photo by Acroterion, used with permission.

The Trans World Flight Center, or the TWA Terminal at New York JFK Airport opened in 1962, and was an architectural marvel. The wing-shaped design and the tube-shaped hallways were futuristic at the time, not unlike flying itself. However, the design, while beautiful, wasn’t exactly functional. The terminal reached its capacity quickly, and was practically…

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Passenger Hit by Galley Cart on American Flight, Is AA’s Compensation Fair?

On almost any flight, you will see flight attendants coming down the aisle with a galley cart to offer drink or meal services. Those carts are actually much heavier than you might imagine; when fully loaded, they can be well over 200 pounds each. And because the carts have wheels, they must be securely braked during…

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