Earlier this week, American Airlines announced that the US Airways Dividend Miles and AAdvantage programs would merge on March 28 (Saturday) and that mileage redemption using US miles would be suspended as of March 25, 11:59 CDT. Well, it appears that they’ve kept their word. As of this morning, the “Use Miles” check box is still available on… Read full article

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US Airways’ Dividend Miles and American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flyer programs are set to merge on March 28 (this Saturday). In preparation for the program merger, you will no longer be able to book awards via US Airways as of March 25 at 11:59 pm. What this means is we have less than 36 hours to… Read full article

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Don’t forget to enroll for 50% more miles with your Barclays US Airways / AAdvantage Aviator cards. From March 1st through June 30th, you’ll earn 50% more miles on all spend categories, up to a maximum of 10,000 bonus miles. You can register by logging into your Barclays account. This is sort of perfect for… Read full article

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As a member of the Juicy Miles team, I’ve noticed that one of the most popular destinations for award booking assistance is travel to Australia. Incidentally, Australia is one of the toughest awards to book. Simply put, you don’t get to really decide when you want to go. Rather, you look at what is available and then plan your… Read full article

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Here was my strategy for my latest US Airways application… I had one other open US Airways card at the end of December. My 10K anniversary bonus and 15K spend bonus had just posted and so I decided to downgrade my card to one of their fee free offerings (there were three choices). Although Barclays… Read full article

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When I moved to Philadelphia a few months ago, I began re-thinking my plans for airline loyalty. While I had been a long-time United flyer, being a United elite doesn’t make a whole lot of sense being based in Philly …unless I take a train to Newark every time! I don’t fly quite enough to qualify for top-tier… Read full article

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Here are some very cool pics of the new AA heritage kits for TWA, America West, US Airways, Allegheny, PSA, Piedmont, AirCal, and more. The kits were part of a larger press release announcing additional improvements to the AA experience (click any picture to enlarge it): International Flights In First Class: We’re introducing a new… Read full article

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Last March, US Airways flight 1702 , an Airbus A320 heading to Fort Lauderdale (FLL), crashed as it took off from Philadelphia (PHL). All 149 passengers and five crew were able to exit the aircraft with no serious injuries. At the time, many speculated (including the airline) that it was simply an aborted take off due… Read full article

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For almost two years now, Barclays has been offering an additional 15K bonus miles for spending $750 every month for 3 months after a period of inactivity once you complete your first purchase (usually 2 months or so) on a new US Airways Premier World MasterCard. I received the offer three times over the last two years for a total… Read full article

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In last week’s “Arrivals” newsletter, AA management provided employees with the latest status of the fleet repainting for both AA and US. Here are those details which will see the final new livery repaints (B737-800) occurring at the end of 2017: Related – US Pilot to AA Pilots – Out of My Cockpit 100 Reasons… Read full article

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10K bonus miles for canceling my card and receiving the now 40K sign-up bonus all over again? Yes please! During my last app-o-rama, I mentioned how I received an approval for a new US Airways personal card after canceling my former card two months earlier. Well, at the time of cancelation the 10K anniversary bonus had already hit my… Read full article

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