A 100% Free Club Carlson Hotel Night – Worldwide!

My Club Carlson free night has arrived!

How I Am Feeling Right Now


Earlier this week, it was noted that US Bank was giving Club Carlson Visa cardholders an E-Certificate good for a free night, anywhere in the world!  The letter that was mailed out said that the E-Certificate would be sent to the email address associated with the account within “6-8 weeks.”

I checked in my Club Carlson account this morning and saw this delightful little surprise:

My Free Club Carlson Night


I haven’t received an email yet from Club Carlson, and only received the mailed letter this past weekend.  So check your Club Carlson accounts to see if you have received your free night yet!

Please comment below on when you received your Club Carlson letter informing you of this free night, and whether you have received your free night yet.  Also, I’d love to hear where you plan on using this free night!

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  1. We got 3 of them, 1 for my visa signature, 1 for my visa signature business and 1 for my girlfriends Platinum card as well…

      • Not sure yet, we have technically 4 of them as we had a problem in Oslo this year where we didn’t receive a room upgrade and were straight out lied to by the hotel staff saying they were sold out, yet I could reserve any category of room that night online… but odds are we’ll be using them in Norway.

  2. I received one on my person & business account. When searching hotels w/ the e-cert, however, everything I’ve seen so far shows that the “E-Cert Rate” is unavailable. Maybe it will take a little more time until we can actually make bookings using these.

  3. None for me. I was going to be very borderline when it came up for next credit card renewal. This could be the deciding factor.

    • Carl P-

      No letter, or no free night loaded yet?

      Also, recently I received a free 7,500 points from Club Carlson as a “loyal customer.” Did you receive anything like that?

    • On another note – All of my future reservations have disappeared out of my account.. Close to 10 nights redeemed with points!

        • Renee-

          Others have noted that their award reservations have all disappeared too. Mine did as well.

          Also, hopefully you are aware that the Radisson Aruba has been re-badged as a Hilton as of this month…

          • Eric, thanks yes, I was aware it is now a Hilton. The disappearance made me especially nervous because of the change in ownership. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

  4. Where in my CC would I see “My E-Certs”? I can’t seem to see it, but maybe that means I didn’t get a certificate :-\ That would be disappointing, especially because I have stayed at several CC hotels in June & July.

    • Without Bacon-

      1. Why would anyone live life without bacon?
      2. Once you login to your CC account, just click “My Account” in the top left portion of the window and it will be below your Reservations.

      • 1. I’m a vegetarian!
        2. Sadly, no E-Certs in my account. I guess I’ll check back later to see if any post.

        Does anyone know the criteria they’re using to determine who gets one of these and who doesn’t?

    • Raulf-

      While you’re on the phone with Club Carlson, you can also ask what happened to our pending reservations, and when we will be able to book the rooms!

      Report back!

  5. No letter or e-cert.

    I also did not get anything on the 7,500 until I emailed 2 weeks ago about seeing other were getting it (and not me). I got an email saying my email was forwarded the president’s office and Would hear back in two weeks or so. A few days ago I got a letter form somebody at the USB president’s office offering 7,500 points or an annual fee refund if I cancelled the card (had renewed in December). I had to call a particular person, fax, or snail-mail my response. I accepted the 7,500, still feeling the 40K anniversary bonus makes the card worth keeping.

    Than a few days later I started to see the free night mentions on blogs.

  6. Thank you for notifying me of this, I never would have checked my account so soon as I have not received an e-mail from them, as yet!

    In any event, like others have said, although there is a cert for me to use, the rates accepting same have not been loaded as yet and I tried in both the USA and overseas.

    Patience is the watchword as the arrival of the e-certs a little more than 2 days in one’s account after receiving USPS notification of this promotion is lightining quick in my book.

  7. The E-cert showed up in my account. Thankfully, my reservation for November was not affected, since I would have been really upset at losing my last remaining “second night free” reservation.

    • kai-

      Once you login to your CC account, just click “My Account” in the top left portion of the window and it will be below your Reservations.

  8. No E-cert or extra points for me. This needs to be an everyone type promo and they are messing up big time by not rolling this out to everyone. Not happy! Maybe later in the week something will show up if I am lucky. This was my primary chain but I have rethought it several times since April!

    • While checking my accounts for e-certificate, I noticed all my reservations are gone. My SEVEN 2-night-stay reservations (booked before devaluation) are gone!! My wife’s reservations are intact. Does it happen to anyone else?

  9. I received 4 e-certificates on all 4 Club Carlson accounts, however none of them is working.
    I tried different hotels and it always says “e-Cert. is not available for this hotel”. WTF?

    • korrinda-

      See above.

      Let’s wait and see what CC’s tech team does in the coming days.

      It is frustrating when a promotion is rolled out poorly.

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