Win A Castle on the Scottish Riviera for Under $7 USD!

by Shelli

Trips to Scotland evoke wonderful images, whether you’ve been there, are planning a visit, or it’s still a distant dream bucket list item. Owning real estate can also evoke images, though hopefully not the kind in movies such as The Money Pit! So let’s imagine Scotland plus real estate and what do you see? A castle perhaps? Strangely enough, for very little money, and a whole lot of luck, this image can become a reality.

I’ve seen properties raffled off before, but this one tickles both my creative and humorous funny bones. After having little luck selling this castle through “normal” channels, the owner is offering the castle as the first prize in her raffle. This castle has it all: five acres of land, 45 rooms, and it’s been recently repaired and renovated.

And it can be yours for a 5 GBP raffle ticket. The offer gets even more creative for those of us who aren’t based in Britain. Swan DeWinter, the castle’s current owner, is a published author. If you buy her book on Amazon, she’ll give you two raffle tickets. Not a bad deal considering that’s 2 chances and a book you might enjoy!

Here’s all you need to know about the whole story. The drawing is on May 18 so make sure to check this out way before then. It’s such an out-of-the-box way to go about having fun and making the best of a castle sale! Rest assured, if you win the lottery and don’t want the castle, you can accept cash instead. Or, you can give me the castle and I promise to give Adam visiting privileges!

Shelli Stein is a health and fitness entrepreneur who travels the world in search of culture, food, and fun! Besides contributing to Point Me to the Plane, you can find her at Joy in Movement.

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