This Company Is Creating A Floating Glass Lounge And Hotel

by Chris Dong

Ah, flying in first or business. There’s closing doors with suites, double beds, onboard showers, and other opulent, over-the-top amenities to make all your Instagram followers drool.

Well, how about an even more extravagant affair, where the flight isn’t just a means of transportation but the destination itself?

Hybrid Air Vehicles is a company trying to reinvent the era of the airship (Hindenberg anyone? 😬). One of their target audiences is the ultra-wealthy by making travel glamorous with a luxury floating contraption that is part helicopter, part plane, and yes, part airship.

“The Airlander 10” With Floating Glass Lounge

The “Airlander” is a 302 foot in-the-air monstrosity (more than 60 feet longer than the Airbus A380 and somehow, uglier on the outside). This specific model, which is currently in testing, does have a stunning interior with 10 ensuite bedrooms, a bar, and an absolutely outrageous glass lounge where you’ll have views from literally every angle.

Image by Hybrid Air Vehicles

Image by Hybrid Air Vehicles

Image by Hybrid Air Vehicles


Air travel has become very much about getting from A to B as quickly as possible. What we’re offering is a way of making the journey a joy,” said CEO Stephen McGlennan

Basically, think of it as a fancy cruise ship in the sky.

Airlander Testing Fail 

airlander 10

It’s an ugly flying thing.

Air vehicles like this have to have 200 hours of testing before commercial operations can begin. The Airlander 10 has had a rough start, to put it lightly. While it has had six successful test flights, two flights had crashes. That ratio isn’t so great.

At the very least, the company emphasizes its technology is combating the issue of environmental impact. The Airlander 10 uses between one-fourth and one-third as much fuel as other airplanes performing the same task.

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The Upshot

This form of transportation won’t be accessible to most of us (can we use points?!). And if Hybrid Air Vehicles can’t get it together in terms of safety, no one, not even the super wealthy, will be able to hop onboard a glass bottom plane anytime soon.

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