American Caves & Offers New Uniforms, Flight Attendants Say It’s Not Enough

by Adam

Late on Tuesday, American announced that they had agreed to a deal with Aramark to provide an “off-the-shelf” uniform option for flight attendants and others who say the new uniforms previously rolled out by Twin Hill in September cause headaches, hives, rashes, and respiratory issues.

The Chicago Business Journal reported on letter sent out by AA management:

“This will provide a new choice for team members who cannot wear the current uniform. And while not precisely identical to the current pieces, they are similar. These uniform pieces are also currently being worn by employees at several major hotel and hospitality companies without issue.”

Aramark already outfits AA’s tech ops group.

The new outfit pieces from Aramark will include a 100-percent polyester jacket with pant/skirt combination, a 100-percent cotton shirt in white or blue, and an acrylic/cotton blend zippered sweater in light grey. Dresses, vests and short jackets will not be part of the Aramark option.

Well, just one day later, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants issued as statement that AA’s Aramark offer was not enough:

“Make no mistake; this new alternative uniform is not enough. It is an interim solution at best. APFA will continue to demand that the company find a permanent, long-term solution to ensure that all flight attendants have confidence in the uniforms that they wear.”

Flight attendants are also unhappy that the Aramark option does not include all pieces and options available with the original Twin Hill rollout. The fact that AA referred to those options as continuing to be safe also irked the flight attendants.



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DaninMCI March 25, 2017 - 3:11 pm

Typical union response. I remember a local union a few years ago near where I lived. They began picketing because they wanted a raise from like $35 to $40 or something like that. The management advised them that the couldn’t afford it and if they strike they would go out of business. After the stike went on for awhile the company closed the business down and the union was complaining that it wasn’t fair. Go figure.


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