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My Loyalty to Delta Is Getting Very Pricey

I have flown Delta, to the exclusion of almost all other airlines, for a better part of the past five years. That loyalty is starting to get expensive. Delta keeps climbing above competitors American Airlines and United Continental in net promoter scores, a business metric used to measure how often customers recommend a brand. Their…

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United Will Continue Onboard Credit Card Pitches ‘Indefinitely’

United Polaris Dessert Cart Ice Cream Sundaes

You’ve settled in on a (perhaps yet another) long United Airlines flight. The seat belt sign is off, the flight attendants have wrapped up service and everyone with an overactive bladder seems to have taken care of things and settled in. The calm of high-altitude cruise is setting in. Then, the loudspeakers ping. “We’d like…

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Having Trouble Choosing Delta Comfort+ Seats?

Many Delta Air Lines frequent flyers have had to navigate some complicated changes that make it more difficult to upgrade into Delta Comfort+ extra legroom seats. Longtime Delta Medallion elites are used to getting complimentary access to the extra legroom seating at the front of the main cabin, but Delta starting implementing changes to its…

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Delta Plots ‘Pay With Miles’ Redemptions. Beginning of the End?

Delta Air Lines President Glen Hauenstein said something in this week’s quarterly earnings call that could send chills up the spine of points and miles travel hackers, “Pay with Miles”. Buried in a monologue about the airline’s increased premium seat revenue and expanded premium economy offerings, Hauenstein mentioned that SkyMiles members will have “the ability…

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Call Fuel Surcharges What They Are: Fares — Editorial

British Airways' World Traveller (Economy) Cabin onboard the Boeing 777-300ER. Source: British Airways

Airlines are increasingly charging frequent flyers to redeem earned miles for flights. The additional charges go by many names, including fuel surcharges, but under many measures they appear to function just like cash fares. In ancient times, airlines gave their frequent flyers completely free tickets. For every certain number of miles flown, travelers got a…

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Don’t Get Caught With Hummus In Your Carry-On

Hummus is not allowed through airport security checkpoints in the United States.

Do you travel with only carry-on luggage? If you do, I congratulate you. I’m not, but I’m heading in that direction. That means learning about the pitfalls of packing lessor-known forbidden items in my carry-on bag. The images of TSA-confiscated carry-on items normally look something like this: But there is a much longer list of…

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Your Dog Pooped on the Denver Airport Floor. The Internet is After You.

There’s a video circulating showing a woman chatting merrily on her cellphone as her dog dispatches a trail of excrement on the floor — of DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Rather than stop to clean up the smelly poo or call for assistance, the subject turns, phone to ear, and flips off a passerby who remarked, “Hey, your…

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Flight Attendants Face Increased Cancer Risk, Radiation Hits All Flyers

Flight attendants suffer from some cancers at a prevalence up to 75 percent higher than the general population, according to a peer-reviewed study published Friday in the Environmental Health Journal. (h/t Lucky) Cancer rates among flight attendants were higher for every type of cancer mentioned in the report. The study mentions ionizing radiation among environmental risk…

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Cathay Pacific Resolves Award Blackout, Seats Bookable Through AA, Alaska and Others

CX F seat

Cathay Pacific Airways frequent flyer award seat availability appears to be returning to normal after a technical blackout left partner airlines without access to seat inventories. As of Monday afternoon, Cathay Pacific award seats are appearing in searches for mileage flights on Qantas and British Airways. Juicy Miles award experts have been able to confirm…

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