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Warning: Problems Persist With Air France SkyTeam Award Calendar

Problems Air France Award Calendar

Earlier this summer, Air France’s coveted award calendar — the most dynamic tool available to look for mileage seats on SkyTeam airlines — disappeared. Then it returned and we all thought everything was once again right in the world as we know it. Not so fast… there are some persistent problems with the calendar that…

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Virgin Group to Launch Loyalty Program, Include Other Properties

Virgin Group, which also is a shareholder in Virgin Australia Atlantic, Virgin Australia, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Trains and other Virgin subsidiaries, is launching a new loyalty program that will ultimately augment Flying Club and include earning and spending opportunities across all the company’s different properties, the company said in an email Tuesday. The new program might…

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Delta Shuttle Service Downgrades, or Just a Weird Trip to ORD?

Delta Shuttle Chicago New York La Guardia problems

Delta has long had the ace-in-the-hole on shuttle flights. Between New York City and Boston, Chicago and Washington, D.C., the airline’s hourly flights have advertised perks like complimentary food and alcohol in coach, plated meals in first class and free coffee at the gate.  That makes my experience on the shuttle this afternoon very troubling.…

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Flight Attendants Are Furious About Hot Cabins

Hot Airplane Cabin Flight Attendants Sweat Thermometer

One of the largest international flight attendants unions is taking up arms — actually, thermometers — in a fight against what they claim are dangerously hot cabins. The Association of Flight Attendants CWA is pushing congress to regulate temperatures onboard passenger jets. To make its case, many of the 50,000+ Union members are carrying thermometers…

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Leverage Business Expenses For Travel Perks And Upgrades

Travel benefits extended to small business owners include massive reward point earnings that can equate to free business and first class flights, but they don’t end there. Knowing what perks are out there, it’s easy to take advantage of some pretty nice services that make traveling as a self proprietor or small business owner much…

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Delta SkyMiles Anomaly: Awards Cost Less From Boston–HUH!?!?

Southwest saving seats

Delta’s SkyMiles program seems to be entwined in some sort of love affair with Boston Logan Airport (BOS). For the past few months, SkyMiles awards both international and domestic often price out far cheaper when originating in the Fair City, even when the connection takes you through a city on which the award might be…

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My Loyalty to Delta Is Getting Very Pricey

I have flown Delta, to the exclusion of almost all other airlines, for a better part of the past five years. That loyalty is starting to get expensive. Delta keeps climbing above competitors American Airlines and United Continental in net promoter scores, a business metric used to measure how often customers recommend a brand. Their…

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United Will Continue Onboard Credit Card Pitches ‘Indefinitely’

United Polaris Dessert Cart Ice Cream Sundaes

You’ve settled in on a (perhaps yet another) long United Airlines flight. The seat belt sign is off, the flight attendants have wrapped up service and everyone with an overactive bladder seems to have taken care of things and settled in. The calm of high-altitude cruise is setting in. Then, the loudspeakers ping. “We’d like…

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Having Trouble Choosing Delta Comfort+ Seats?

Delta Pricing errors Virgin Atlantic premium economy

Many Delta Air Lines frequent flyers have had to navigate some complicated changes that make it more difficult to upgrade into Delta Comfort+ extra legroom seats. Longtime Delta Medallion elites are used to getting complimentary access to the extra legroom seating at the front of the main cabin, but Delta starting implementing changes to its…

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Delta Plots ‘Pay With Miles’ Redemptions. Beginning of the End?

Delta Air Lines President Glen Hauenstein said something in this week’s quarterly earnings call that could send chills up the spine of points and miles travel hackers, “Pay with Miles”. Buried in a monologue about the airline’s increased premium seat revenue and expanded premium economy offerings, Hauenstein mentioned that SkyMiles members will have “the ability…

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