Unique Chance To Own A Lighthouse For FREE!

by Shelli Stein

Are you in the market for a house? Yes, I know this is a travel blog, so let me shed some light and connect the dots so you see how these two topics are related. Just heard about an auction the US government holds to sell property. But not just any property. The government auctions off these historic lighthouses in places you just might enjoy traveling to.

Lighthouse Backstory

For centuries lighthouses served as protection for mariners. With modern GPS navigation technology the towers are less essential than in days gone by. Therefore, ten lighthouses across the U.S. are being sold or given away for free by the General Services Administration.

The National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act was passed in 2000. This allows the government to transfer lighthouse ownership. Since then more than 150 lighthouses have gone to new owners. Eighty one have gone to government agencies and nonprofits. Seventy have been sold to the public.

If you’ve been pining away for a remote lifestyle near the sea and don’t mind a fixer-upper property, this just might interest you.

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Why Are The Lighthouses Auctioned Off?

You might wonder why the government offers up these lighthouses. It accomplishes two things: preserving history, and relieving taxpayers of maintenance costs for the historic properties. Good idea, right?

The GSA offers up lighthouses to the public every May. The agency reports that during this year’s “lighthouse season,” they are offloading a record number of properties.

You can read more about all the lighthouses and how this works here.

Curious about prices? Historically, the historic lighthouses auction sales have ranged from $10,000 to $933,888, according to the GSA.

There are also properties that are available at no cost. Take a break from whatever else you’re researching to buy today and check out the lighthouses on offer. Most of them are more than 100 years old and are fun to learn about. I’m guessing you’ve even visited a few during your travels around the country!

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