The Most “Honest” Airline Commercial Ever?!

by Enoch

Air travel is much more accessible than it used to be, but it’s no denying that flying in general is also not as glamorous as it once was. Sure, nowadays you can redeem for suites and showers in the sky, but flying is no longer really an “elite” activity.

Even though I travel a decent amount in premium cabins with miles and points, I still spend a good share of my time in coach. There are certain pain points with air traveling that I think many people can relate to. Prominent YouTube star Ryan Higa recently uploaded a funny “commercial” for the fictional EveRy airline (get it?!)

The almost cliché extra fees and poor customer service aside, the video also included a jab at some stereotypical passengers. They are all ones we’e seen, from the “guy who didn’t learn shape” carrying a clearly oversized suitcase to the “overly friendly guy” who talks while you’re trying to sleep.

I bursted out laughing when they talked about the obnoxiously loud passenger announcements, and totally related to the “honest safety demonstration.”

You will find the safety information on the card located betwen the vomit bag with gum in it and our dirty magazine held together by children’s boggers, located under the tray table that we don’t clean.

And man, check out this awesome airline food.

Airline Food in "Honest Airline Commercial"

Airline Food in “Honest Airline Commercial”

Thankfully, EveRy airline is not a real airline. You can check out the full video here.

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