The Real Reason Why People Love Irish Pubs, Anywhere In The World

by Shelli Stein

When I travel, I spend way more time seeking out coffee than I do Irish pubs. However, lately, the topic of Irish pubs has caught my attention. In fact, there are 2,000 of these pubs in 53 countries. Visiting them all would be a fun travel goal worth chasing!

Did you know you can buy an Irish pub? In fact, because of the work of one particular Irishman, you can have an Irish pub shipped to you in a 40-foot-long container? And what actually makes a pub and Irish pub?

What Makes an Irish Pub an Irish Pub?

Going back to the 1970’s, Mel McNally cracked the Irish Pub code when he was an architectural student. He proposed Irish pubs as his thesis topic. When his thesis committee accepted his proposal, the topic of Irish Pubs became a legitimized final architectural thesis project. And the exporting of authentic Irish pubs to the rest of the world began. How it’s done in Dublin became how it’s done in 2,000 pubs in 53 countries.

After reading and listening to this story from NPR, I found it fascinating to learn that there is both an art and a science for Irish pub success. I love a great success story that couples business success with a passion for food, or in this case, all things Irish pub.

Here is the short video in full:

In fact, I recently had an Irish pub pop up in conversation in a most unexpected way. I was in Spain and wanted to watch a soccer event on television. When I checked with the local tourist information center about a fun place to watch the event, they told me to go the Irish pub in town! In a small city in Spain, I found an Irish pub; it is a small world after all.

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