Is Lufthansa Getting a New Livery?

by Enoch

An aircraft livery helps set an airline apart on a crowded apron, and is often a canvas that projects an image associated to a certain brand or even country. Some airlines opt for super colorful livery (e.g. Southwest), some choose to put out many variations (e.g. JetBlue, Frontier), while some want them to be almost as plain as possible.

Many European airlines sport a rather plain body (the “Euro White”), with accents at the tail and the logo of the airline. The Lufthansa livery has stayed relatively the same over the past few decades; there’s been a few small updates, but they all mostly feature a gray belly, white body, and a navy tail punctuated by the airline’s crane logo.

A 747 sporting a 1970s Lufthansa livery. Source: Lufthansa Magazin

A 747 sporting a 1970s Lufthansa livery. Source: Lufthansa Magazin

According to Flyertalk member oliver2002, Lufthansa is set to unveil a new livery on February 5, 2018. Apparently, it’s not going to be a major redesign; rather, it’s just a “minor facelift” that presumably will be slightly modernized.

Of course, this is still mostly in the rumor stage, and the degree of the “facelift” remains unclear until the official unveil. However, presumably a design that warrants a press event or release would be more than…a slight variation in the gray belly covering the radome. There are some speculations on what the new livery might look like, and it sounds like one of the 747s in Lufthansa’ fleet has already been sent out for repainting.

It unlikely for a redesign to the magnitude of American Airlines post-merger to be in store, though I’m still curious what the new livery would look like. Will this be a simplification like Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon’s “cleaner” new livery, or an update more akin to Qantas’ new, modern logo and livery? We shall see.

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