Southwest Airlines Gives New Benefit for Companions of A-List Members

by Bill Shuman

Needless to say this has not been a good week for the travel industry. Perhaps now is the time to revisit buying a Seat Sitter. Thankfully, some companies, like Southwest Airlines, are still releasing some good news for those road warriors that continue to travel.

southwest companions of A-List members

Storm in the horizon aboard a Southwest flight. Photo Credit: Bill Shuman

Southwest Airlines is now letting all Southwest companions of A-List members or A-List Preferred members get their boarding number assigned at the same time.  This is a welcome change for families who have an A-list member and would have to board at different times or for those taking long flights to Hawaii. 

Exceptions to this the New Policy

Like everything, there are always exceptions to the rules. Thankfully, Southwest has already outlined very clearly when this new boarding policy doesn’t apply:

  • The reservation is booked less than 36 hours prior to scheduled departure.
  • The Member’s Rapid Rewards account number is not saved to reservation at least 36 hours prior to check-in.
  • The reservation is a Group Travel itinerary with an A-List or A-List Preferred Member. Only A-List and A-List Preferred Members will receive priority boarding.
  • Any change is made to an existing reservation within 36 hours of a scheduled flight.
  • One or more Passengers travels standby on a different flight than what was originally confirmed.
  • The flight is taken after a Member’s A-List or A-List Preferred status expires.
  • Irregular operations, which may affect A-List or A-List Preferred Membership benefits.
  • A boarding pass is not presented and/or the Passenger is not present for boarding in the departure gate area at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.

Basically, as long as you are a current A-List member and your reservation booked 36 hours in advance, with your Rapid Rewards number attached, and your not traveling with something like a school group, you will all be able to board together.

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Earning Free Flights on Southwest Airlines

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The Southwest Performance Business Card is offering 100,000 points for new signups. That’s worth about $1,400 in free flights!


This means that Southwest companions of A-List members are going to get priority access to the seats they want. Overall, this is a welcomed change as it will stop unnecessary arguments between passengers who are trying to save seats for others in their party.  On top of that, A-List members and their families will be able to use overheard bins which are often in short supply on full flights which often means gate checking luggage for later boarding passengers.

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George March 18, 2020 - 4:36 pm

Don’t believe it is useful for companion pass a-list. Has to be on the same confirmation.

patrick March 18, 2020 - 8:32 pm

OLD news… this was announced at least a week ago… if not longer.

Diving Dr. March 19, 2020 - 3:31 am

Dude, your 2 weeks late. Why even bother posting OLD NEWS?!?!?

R Suz April 26, 2021 - 10:38 am

As an A-List/Companion Pass holder just finally traveling again, this was something I missed when it happened just as the pandemic took everyone’s attention. Glad to read it no matter when it was posted. The “this-is-SO-10-minutes-ago” haters above must’ve had a lot of time on their hands to criticize others during a ridiculous time.


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