Woman Climbs into X-Ray Machine With Her Bags…

by Enoch

Tomorrow is Lunar New Year, and many people living in China are expected to travel over the holidays. In fact, an estimated total of 400 million people—that’s more than the population of the entire United States—will be traveling by train over Chinese New Year.

Unlike traveling on say, Amtrak, train passengers in China undergo a security check of their luggage before they are allowed to board a train. The process is not unlike security checks at airport, where bags go through an cabinet X-Ray machine for inspection.

Well, one woman didn’t want to part ways with her hand bag, so she decided to quite literally follow her bag…into the X-Ray machine.

A woman climbed into the X-ray machine at security check with her handbag in Dongguan Railway Station. Source: PearVideo

A woman climbed into the X-ray machine at security check with her handbag in Dongguan Railway Station. Source: PearVideo

This (admittedly) comical incident took place in Dongguan Railway Station on February 11, 2018, and was captured on video. Apparently, the woman initially tried to walk through the metal detector with her handbag, but was told by security personnel that the small bag must also go through the X-Ray machine. The woman then proceeded to climb into the machine with her handbag.

To be fair, many passengers carry large sum of cash with them during their Chinese New Year travels. And the woman allegedly explained that she did so in order to prevent her handbag from theft, which I suppose is a legitimate concern, especially in a train station setting. However, I would say this “solution” is definitely very…extreme.

The FDA actually has strict regulations of the amount of radiation that cabinet X-Ray systems could emit. It would appear that most items that go through the machine receive about 0.1 mrem of radiation (for reference, a US resident receives about 310 mrem of radiation per year from natural sources). This is why it’s safe to eat food that has gone through these X-ray machines, and TSA agents can work around them for hours on end.

Still, I can’t imagine a circumstance where climbing into an X-ray machine is advisable. And this also begs the question…WHAT WAS IN THE BAG?!

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Donald Osborne February 15, 2018 - 7:35 pm

I hope that bag was worth the metastatic cancer she just got from that Chinese made X-ray machine.

Billy Bob February 16, 2018 - 12:56 am

Look at that pic! It fried the hair right off her. I read she came out a pulsating blob.

Kiddies, don’t try that at home…


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