10 Drunkest States in the U.S.

Perhaps your picking your next domestic travel location based on who parties hardest? Well, lucky for you the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAA) has released its latest analysis on the state of the drinking in the US. From The Street:

By tallying sales of alcoholic beverages divided by census population data (all those aged 14 and older so don’t discount those underage guzzlers), the Institute has brewed the numbers and come away with a per capita rate. A nation as a whole, it’s a wonder we get anything done. In total, we consume 2.28 gallons of ethanol (pure alcohol) per person a year. By poison, that equates to 199 beer 16oz cans, 15.9 25oz bottles of wine and 7.2 1-liter bottles of vodka.

Check out the 10 Drunkest States here at The Street. Happy Weekend!

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