Chinese Couple Stole Toilet Seat from Hotel Room, Apologizes and Resigns from Job

Some people debate about what you can and cannot take from away from hotel rooms, but this couple took that idea to a new extreme. A Chinese couple from Taizhou was on a tour to Nagoya, Japan, operated by Spring Tours, which also owns Spring Airlines. The couple apparently stole a spare toilet seat they found under the bed as they left the hotel, Sinchew news reports (site in Chinese).

The spare toilet seat stolen from the hotel by the Chinese couple

The spare toilet seat stolen from the hotel by the Chinese couple

The hotel discovered that a toilet seat was missing, and tracked down the tour group the couple was part of. The tour guide initially denied the incident, but the couple admitted to having taken the seat after further questioning. After an investigation, the tour company issued a statement regarding the incident, Phoenix New Media report. The seat was found in the couple’s suitcase, but was returned to the hotel promptly. The couple later offered a letter of apology of their own, saying that they found the toilet seat under the bed, and thought it was left there by a previous guest.

Letter of Apology written by the Chinese couple

Letter of Apology written by the Chinese couple

The tour group is still in Japan, and will return to China on October 22. However, the incident has gone viral in China, with over 100,000 views. The couple has become the target of much ridicule online, and some even said that “Chinese tourists are losing face all the way to foreign countries.” The couple is also reportedly experiencing tremendous pressure, and is making arrangements to return to China early. Sina also reports that the wife, who works as a bank’s manager, has resigned from her job in shame.

A spokeswoman from the Japanese hotel said to South China Morning Post that they “still welcome Chinese tourists as always, even after this incident.” The Ningbo Travel Bureau has issued a statement on their Weibo account, saying they will use this opportunity to make sure tourists are properly educated about rules, cultures, and civilized behaviors before a trip. Any tourists or tour guides that behave inappropriately will be held responsible, and potentially blacklisted.

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  1. “The couple apparently stole a spare toilet seat they found under the bed as they left the hotel”… They have toilet seats under hotel beds in Japan??

  2. I wonder why they would have thought they would have have a right to take it even though it was stored under the bed? Did they need one at home? Maybe they need to expand bc this is very odd to take a “toilet seat”.

  3. My girl friend who understand Chinese, once over heard the chinese couple in the tour bus bragging about the portable iron they took from the hotel.

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