9 Amazing Free Things You Can Learn To Do From Home

by Shelli Stein

Seems like when stay-at-home orders first went into effect, many people crafted goals for what they wanted to accomplish during this time. From what I’ve observed, one of those goals was to learn something new. Everyone wanted to learn for free while being stuck at home. After all, there’s only so much binging we can do on The Walking Dead!

I heard people talk about learning to bake, draw, practice Yoga, sew, and how to gain 10 pounds of muscle, to name but a few.

And then I started receiving emails from friends and family members with videos that they were using to learn all sorts of things. The variety was amazing: fun things, practical things, off the wall things. I think some of my friends made their quarantine goal finding fun videos to learn new things.

I’ve culled through them all and have picked 9 of them I enjoyed most to share with you. I promise, there’s something for everyone in this video group.

If you love to try new things and learn interesting skills, these videos will cheer you on! With these tutorials you can learn for free during quarantine and staying at home time. In just a few minutes or a few hours, your choice. Pick one, or watch them all and have fun!

Learn For Free During Quarantine

1. 10 tips for taking better iPhone photos

I don’t know anyone who can’t use some taking better photo tips.

2. How to chop an onion without crying

Most often I cook at home. Onions are always on hand. You would think by now I’ve learned how to chop an onion. I may just be the worst and slowest onion chopper in the world. Why I’ve never learned this skill has me shakin’ my head in disbelief.

3. How to moonwalk

You may be thinking who needs to learn to moonwalk? Or by now doesn’t everyone know how to moonwalk? As a movement and fitness coach, I’ll let you in on a secret. Moonwalking is not as easy as it looks. See for yourself!

4. Learn how to backflip in 6 hours

Ok, if you’re going to watch ONLY one of these videos on the list, watch this one. I love love love this guy. His persistence is awesome. I’ll admit this video isn’t something everyone will try, though.

I have an actress friend who can faint on cue. I once had her teach me how to faint on cue. Ouch……..falling while learning a new skill ain’t easy! Watch what this guy ingeniously does to keep from hurting himself.

5. How to pit an avocado

Going back to my onion chopping saga, I also lack peeling and pitting talent. I am a good cook, though! Is there anyone who doesn’t love avocados and would eat them every day if they could? This is for sure the easiest skill to acquire on this list.

6. How to do calligraphy (with a normal pen)

This is one of those short, easy to watch and learn from videos with great classical music. Last time I was in Japan I took a calligraphy class. Wish my sensei has let us use this technique 🙂

7. How to play 10 songs on your guitar with just 4 chords

Who knew that learning just a handful of chords could lead to playing hundreds of songs? Well, if you already play the guitar you know this. I wonder, though, how many people either put learning to play an instrument OR picking up the instrument they used to play on their quarantine goal list.

learn juggling for free during quarantine

Juggling is fun and great exercise!

8. Learn to juggle in 3 hours and 44 minutes

I can juggle at the very beginner level. If I practiced more, because I have good eye-hand coordination, I could definitely up my juggling game and be more like my friend who’s an expert juggler. And once you get good at juggling, you can incorporate it into your fitness routine! Juggling is a fun challenge, especially if you like laughing at yourself. This guy on the video has a fun attitude.

9. Cook a great hamburger for dinner tonight

You’ve been warned…….do not go to check this out if you’re hungry. Cooking a great burger at home is another one of those skills I appreciate. I’m a good grill chef but burgers don’t always come out as yummy as they should. I’m hoping to enjoy a tasty journey as I improve my burger skills.

Final Thoughts

SO there you have it. You can learn for free during whether quarantined or staying at home time. Just don’t juggle burgers while the onion chopping knife is anywhere nearby. The burgers might fall on an avocado pit, hit you in the head, and you’ll do a backflip! And what’s worse is that someone with great photo taking skills will get it all on video!

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