Airline Crews Reveal: Why You Shouldn’t Order Eggs & These Other Items on Planes…Even in First & Business

by Adam

Reader Mark S from Portland emailed that his flight attendant roommate assisted Condé Nast Traveler in coming up with their list of food and drinks you should avoid in the air. We couldn’t’ republish the full-list, but three items from the list are shared below and you can check out their full list.


Commercial pilot Laura Einsetler, aka Captain Laura, steers clear of eggs when she eats onboard since there’s no way for them to be both safe to eat and delicious. “I’ve personally been sick twice from eggs not being cooked well enough,” she says. “If they’re not cooked to a consistency of rubber, you’ll want to pass on them.”

Bloody Mary mix

Tomato juice is one of the most popular onboard drinks; the umami factor kicks in at 30,000 feet, activating your taste buds to appreciate savory foods like tomatoes. But don’t succumb to the lure of that Bloody Mary mix: It’s loaded with sodium, which can cause swelling at altitude. It also makes you thirstier, forcing you to drink more water to offset it—cue more bloating, and lots of inconvenient bathroom trips.

Food after a delay

When passengers are asked to deplane, say, because of a mechanical problem or weather, the catering carts will remain onboard. “The food is just sitting there, and in the summer, it will be without air conditioning,” warns Laurie, who often opted not to sell fruit and cheese boxes in that scenario. He recalls one flight that took off after an eight-hour delay, where a first class passenger asked about dinner service. “I told him the meal had been cooked on a Sunday, you were supposed to leave on Monday, and now it’s early in the morning on Tuesday, with the food onboard for 10 hours. You decide.” The frequent flier opted to go hungry.

Full list here.

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Christian March 29, 2018 - 6:08 pm

Not cheering, but good to know.

747always March 30, 2018 - 6:04 am

Yada yada yada. Does this captain cook her eggs to the consistency of rubber on the ground as well? Some of these lists are so full of BS, they can support 8000 acres of organic farms

DavidB March 30, 2018 - 8:00 am

Utter claptrap…except for the Bloody Mary mix vs regular tomato juice (though American tj is a sorry thin concoction vs that found in many other countries). I’ve been flying for 45+ years and had hundreds of breakfast eggs and never been sick. In all that time the only foods that got me ill were caviar (AF in F), chicken Marsala (AC in J from DEL) and a lamb pasty roll (AC in Y from LHR). I’ve flown and eaten airline food from many kitchens and most airlines (China, North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, the Middle East). Every person’s digestive system is different so to make such generalizations is misleading at best…sensational at worst. Certainly reflects slipping standards at what used to be a reasonably respectable travel magazine.

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