The Most Popular Item Sold At Airports Is…

by Eric

If you have ever flown before, then you know that you are often stuck with the limited retail options once you have passed security. Hudson, which is North America’s largest airport convenience retailer, recently released a list of their top 10 items that they have sold over the past year.


It is clear that we buy things to consume, when we are at the airport! The top 10 list is:

  1. Dasani bottled water (20 oz)
  2. Glaceau Smartwater (20 oz)
  3. Large Dasani (one liter)
  4. Glaceau Smartwater (one liter)
  5. Glaceau Smartwater (23.8 oz)
  6. Diet Coke (20 oz)
  7. Coca-Cola (20 oz)
  8. M&M Peanut king-size
  9. Coca-Cola Zero (20 oz)
  10. The Wall Street Journal

Eight of the top 10 items sold are drinks, with M&M’s the only food item making the list. Of course, this is likely the byproduct of regulations which do not permit you with taking liquids across security. The Wall Street Journal was the only non-drink/food item that managed to make the top 10 list.

What is your most commonly purchased item at the airport?

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Nick Summy August 4, 2016 - 12:40 pm

Amazing (but not surprising) that the top 5 are all water, especially when every airport has water fountains designed to fill containers with filtered water.

Karen August 4, 2016 - 6:37 pm

I always ask the fast food places to fill my water bottle.

Santastico August 4, 2016 - 2:36 pm

@Nick Summy: Agree BUT it is stupid to have to carry an empty bottle with you so you can fill it after security. Also, some water fountains have terrible taste water mainly tasting like metal. I’ve never seen such stupid rule to not allow sealed bottle of water through security. It feels like TSA gets a cut every time someone pays $5 for a bottle of water at the airport store. Luckily I almost always have access to a lounge where I can drink decent water for free.

Erica August 4, 2016 - 3:14 pm

Yeah, we always bring sippy cups for our kids and water bottles for us but there is just something about a refrigerated bottle of water when you have spent the day in airports…


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