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Submitted by Patrick K

American flight from St. Louis (STL) to Los Angeles (LAX)
I’m sitting behind two unaccompanied minors (around 8 or 9) who are going to CA / Los Angeles for the first time.  They both got on in STL but didn’t know each other but got pretty chatty as the flight progressed. (nice kids b.t.w.) As we are landing in LAX they are peering out the window and one says to the other:
Kid One: Look! Look! Palm trees!! Palm trees!  I’ve never seen Palm trees before.
Kid Two: Where? I don’t see them
Kid One: See… right down there
Kid Two: Oh yeah! And I can see the coconuts on them too!!
As most people know, California Palm trees do not have coconuts on them.  But the kid had a really good imagination.
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Submitted by YoJo

Delta flight from Salt Lake City (SLC) to Oakland (OAK)
Flight attendant: In the event of a loss in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop in front of you. Pull on the mask and the flow of alcohol…..whoops…I mean oxygen will begin. I’m sure you’ll need alcohol quickly after though….
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Submitted by Russell

Alaska flight from Ixtapa (ZIH) to Los Angeles (LAX)
Flight attendant: Welcome to Los Angeles. Please refrain from smoking until you have left California.
Submitted by Greg in New York

Delta Flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to JFK
During heavy turbulence – Passenger next to me: I picked a hell of a day to stop taking amphetamines.
Submitted by Leanne in Nashville
UA Flight from Newark (EWR) to Miami (MIA)
Passenger next to me (Female Boss) Oh my gosh, I just talked to my daughter and it’s such a chore talking to her because she goes on and on. It’s so annoying!

Passenger next to me (Reported to Boss): I wonder where she gets that from.


Submitted by Ciara T in Dublin, Ireland

Ryanair Flight from Dublin (DUB) to Alghero (AHO)

Passenger to flight attendant: The bathroom in the back is not working can I use the one in the front?

Flight Attendant: Sure, it’s a charge of 5 Euro.
Passenger: Really? I don’t have 5 Euro on me but I really need to use the bathroom.

Flight Attendant: Ma’am, I’m just joking with you.  Give it a year though and there probably will be one!



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