Welcome to another edition of Overheard on the Plane. Big thanks to Kevin in New York who has contributed to Overheard for five weeks in a row!

If you haven’t yet, check out Say What? Overheard on the Plane Editions 1-8 and of course keep sending in your stories for future posts to adam@pointmetotheplane.com. Remember to include the carrier and route as well as any other pertinent details and sources.  There will also be a contest in the next several weeks for best entry with a mileage prize awarded for any entries submitted June 16 – July 1.

Submitted (again) by Kevin One Liners Courtesy of OHNY – LaGuardia (LGA) and JFK

LaGuardia Delta Terminal
Gate Agent: Paging La… La-gua-ti-ne Pu-ra-na-ma-te? Paging… Eh, I know I messed that one up. If your name rhymes with the one I just said or it sounds at all like yours, please come to the desk.

AA Flight from Miami (MIA) to JFK
Flight Attendant: Be careful when opening the overhead bins. Items can shift during flight and fall on you, or even, God forbid, me.

Delta Flight from Atlanta (ATL) to LGA
Pilot: Everyone, we’re fifteen minutes early… Please remember that next time we’re late.

LaGuardia Delta Terminal
Gate Agent: Attention, everyone in the terminal. (long pause) Never mind.

Delta Flight from LGA to Atlanta (ATL)
Flight Attendant: Welcome to your Delta flight to Atlanta… If you are not going to Atlanta… Well, you are now!

Submitted by LindsayTPA One Liners Courtesy of OHNY

Female Passenger: So then he asked me to leave my toothbrush at his place, and I said no and then he never called me again! I’m glad I didn’t leave my toothbrush there.

3 Year Old Boy: I didn’t pass gas!
Dad: That’s good because you know there are a lot of people here. You gotta hold on to that stuff.

Southern Couple to 20-Something Girl: Oh, you look like you’re from New York! Could you help us please?
20-Something Girl: If I look like I’m from New York then you should know not to bother me.


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Burj June 17, 2012 - 12:18 pm

On a Delta from JFK to CDG, while experiencing light turbulence the seatbelt sign goes on…

FA: Please note the captain has turned on the seatbelt lights. When the seatbelt light is on please remain….

*DING* Seatbelt Light Goes Off

FA: O.K. it is off now…those of you who were ignoring it can go back to what you are doing….


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