The World is Experiencing Traffic Jams, Now More Than Ever

by Shelli

For many of us, traffic jams are usual occurrences. They take place on our highways and backstreets and don’t necessarily involve a car. They can happen in Saigon on motorbikes, or in Amsterdam on bicycles. From what I can tell, no one likes them! Now though, in these pandemic times, they are happening more than ever and in places we’d never before associated with traffic jams.

Backstory of Current Traffic Jams

A dear friend of mine has for years been a traffic reporter. Yes, he’s that guy you hear early in the morning on your commute and then each afternoon as you head home. Recently, he created a special traffic report for his nieces, both of whom have two young boys apiece.

As you can imagine, with so many people at home right now, his loved ones are going a little nuts with their entire families at home for the foreseeable future. As we know, laughter is the best medicine and remedy for times like this, so enjoy and laugh along.


Traffic Jams in my House

I can relate to this at-home traffic jam. In my house the jam revolves around the coffee pot usually two times a day. I keep wondering why the jam-up is never around the garbage can after dinner:) One friend told me the worst traffic jams in their house is around the TV remote control!

Where are the worst jam-ups happening in your home right now?

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