Any US Airways miles in your Dividend Miles account will one day be joining those AA miles in your AAdvantage account, so why not build up your US balance while you still can.  Here are some of the easiest offers:

US Airways Barclays card offers – 30k-40k for signing up for the personal card and 25k for the business card. Plus receive an additional 15k miles for purchases on the personal card using these tips once the card arrives. Also, remember that these cards are churnable and you have plenty of time before the merger closes. Check out my US Airways churning experiments here.

Dividend Miles Dining – 1,000 miles after $40 of spend on a single dine within 30 days of registration.

Dividend Miles StoreFront – Miles for online shopping. Most of the merchant offers will be the same as AAdvantage eShopping, but perhaps there are some merchants that are not part of the AA program or have a better offer with US.

Groundlink – 1,000 miles for airport car service.

Vinesse Wine Club – Join Vinesse Wine Club and get 1,000 bonus miles, plus 5 miles for every $1 you spend. – New customers earn up to 10,000 bonus miles per calendar year. Earn 500 bonus miles for your first purchase and earn 1 mile for every $1 spent on pet food and supplies. Earn up to 2,500 bonus miles with Auto Ship, including your first purchase (partnership has ended 5/13).

21st Century Auto Insurance – Earn 200 miles when you get a free auto quote with no obligation.

Dish – This one requires some spending but if you happen to be thinking of a switch to Dish, you can earn 5k miles for packages as low as $24.99/month. Reports are that miles post after 60 days or two billing cycles.

Energy Plus – 5,000 bonus miles after 2 months and 2 miles for every $1 you spend on the Energy Plus portion of your electric bill. No long term commitment and you can cancel after the miles post. CAUTION – In NYC Energy Plus service was $12-$14 more per month than my normal electric provider was charging.

Fedex – Earn 1 Dividend Mile for every dollar you spend on select FedEx shipping services and 250 Miles when you first use your FEDEX account. The 250 miles post after your first shipment and you’ll receive a 5% discount when you print your shipping labels at home.

LasikPlus – Previous post on how to earn up to 25,000 miles at any of the LasikPlus centers across the U.S. See the warnings in the linked post.

Super Shuttle – Earn 50 miles each way with SuperShuttle Blue Van airport ground transportation.  Earn 150 miles each way with ExecuCar, SuperShuttle’s private sedan service.

Sealy – Earn 5 Dividend Miles for every $1 spent. Caution, there are several merchants in the StoreFront and AAdvantage eShopping portal that may offer better mileage opportunities on your mattress purpose.

Audience Rewards – Earn US Airways miles for answering trivia questions.

eRewards & e-Miles – US Airways miles for completing surveys

Whiteboard – 500 US Airways miles for completing more surveys Big warning on the legitimacy of this partner, check out this post and the associated comments.

SkyMall – Earn 3 Dividend Miles for every dollar you spend

Normal 1800Flowers/ offers  for floral purchases – check out all those deals here.

There are several other promo partners, but they only post after the trial period is over – LifeLockLifeShield, and Rewards if Found.NetworkSolutions provides US Airways miles for web hosting services, though their prices are much higher than the competition.

Of course there are also the normal hotel and car rental earning opportunities too, though all of those programs will allow you to earn AA miles as well.

Anything I left out? Add it to the comments section!

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