Welcome to another edition of Overheard on the Plane. Big thanks to Kevin in New York who has contributed to Overheard for four weeks in a row now!

If you haven’t yet, check out Say What? Overheard on the Plane Editions 1-7 and of course keep sending in your stories for future posts to adam@pointmetotheplane.com. Remember to include the carrier and route as well as any other pertinent details and sources. Also, please be sure to check the end of this post for a special message regarding Randy Petersen, the “Godfather of Miles and Points”.

Submitted by Kevin One Liners Courtesy of OHNY – LaGuardia (LGA) and JFK

Flight from JFK to ORD (Chicago)
Female Passenger: You’re going to have a great time.
Female’s Child: But is Chicago safe?
Female Passenger: Of course it is! Oprah lives there!

@ JFK T4 Security Check
TSA Guard #1: You’re new here, right?
TSA Guard #2: Yeah. I worked at the Gap before, so this is different.

Baggage Claim @ JFK
Male Passenger (waiting for baggage): I just got back from the Dominican Republic!
Female Passenger: The Dominican Republic? Where is that? Mexico?

KLM Flight From Amsterdam (AMS) to JFK
Female Passenger: Excuse me, I left my passport in the ladies’ room.
Male Flight Attendant: I’m sorry, madam, you’ll have to wait until we make our way down the aisle.
Female Passenger: But I need to get my passport.
Male Flight Attendant: I understand that but we cannot move this cart back far enough. We should be through in a few minutes.
Female Passenger: But it’s in the bathroom! What if someone takes it?
Male Flight Attendant: If it’s not in the bathroom when you get there, let one of us know and we’ll make an announcement.
Female Passenger: No, I can’t wait for that to happen, I have to go and get my passport now.
Male Flight Attendant: I understand, but as I’ve explained to you before, you must wait. Please return to your seat.
Female Passenger: Oh, you’re very nice. You know, in the United States, people don’t behave like that.
Male Flight Attendant: In the Netherlands people don’t dress like that.

JetBlue Flight JFK to TPA (Tampa)
Port Authority Security Officer: Sir, we’ve been informed that you are carrying a firearm aboard this plane.
Male Passenger: What?
Flight Attendant: I overheard him say he was going to disassemble his firearm!
Male Passenger: Fly Rod! Disassemble my fly rod!
Flight Attendant: Oh. Whoops.

On a more serious note, please see the FrequentMiler’s post today which I’ve copied below on Randy Petersen and Kiva:

Help Randy by helping the world – #SmileSaturday

Randy Petersen could use a smile right now.


Sure, he looks happy in his Twitter profile, but a huge storm severely damaged his home while he was traveling.  Read about it in Randy’s own words:


Randy is known as the frequent flyer miles guru.  Without Randy, we wouldn’t today be reading and participating in BoardingArea, Milepoint, FlyerTalk, or InsideFlyer. 

Clearly, Randy loves points and miles.  However, he loves helping others even more.  Randy established the MilePoint FlyForward forum in which groups rally around causes including Doctors Without Borders, Susan G. Komen, Livestrong, and Kiva.  Through Randy’s sponsorship, Milepoint and its members have been huge contributors to these causes.  The Kiva group, in particular, has been incredible.  Our group recently met our goal of making over $3 million dollars in micro-loans to enterprising individuals across the world.  Our next goal is to exceed 1000 members (at the time of this writing we have 898 members).

Help Randy by helping others

Follow these simple steps to join the Milepoint lending team on Kiva, and make your first loan for free.  Every single person who does this will be a part of a meaningful positive change in the world, and is 100% guaranteed to put a smile on Randy’s face!

Step 1: Join the team

Simply click this link: http://www.kiva.org/invitedby/adam82371737 and you should see something like the following:


Make sure to click the “Join Team” button and register!

Step 2: Make a free loan

Once you’ve joined and registered, find someone you’d like to help and give them a free loan.  As you browse around, you should see orange “$25 Free Trial” buttons next to each loan.  Pick one and check-out.


That’s it!  As I said, following the two steps above is guaranteed to raise a smile… or two… or three…



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