Secret Airline Codespeak – How Many Do You Know?

by Adam

I think many of us know a good three-quarters of these, but here’s your opportunity to impress your friends on that next flight with some of the more obscure ones. Culture CheatSheet shares a list of 15 and we’ve been able to include a few below.  You can check out their full list of 15 here.

In preparing the post, Amanda Pleva, flight attendant and author of the Crewed Talk column on Flyertalk, told the site: “Codes are used by crew in order to maintain calm and order in the cabin. We’re specially trained in emergency situations and panic can cause us to lose control of a situation and end up in injury or death.”

You never want to hear this code come over the intercom. It means that the plane has been hijacked, or that hijacking is imminent.

These are the very popular routes between Europe and North America.

This refers to when a crew member goes to a hotel to rest between shifts. So your flight attendant might say to her colleague, “I’m so tired, I’m going to slam-click.”

This means exactly what you think it means. Just because your flight attendants go out of their way to be nice to rude passengers, it doesn’t mean they can’t get revenge. Cropdusting is the act of passing gas as you walk by another person. It’s used by flight attendants to get back at rude customers. Avoid becoming a victim — be polite!

Code Bravo
While codes are usually used to avoid causing panic, Code Bravo does the exact opposite. The flight crew uses this phrase to distract passengers from the actual danger so that they can take care of a situation without interference.

Blue juice
Nope, it’s not Gatorade. Blue juice refers to the toilet water on the plane.

Full list of 15 here.

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Jerome Ceithaml March 18, 2018 - 12:58 pm

Never ever will an airline broadcast over the intercom 7500.


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