What do flight attendants think about passengers imbibing throughout the flight? Whether your a first class customer or an economy passenger on a transatlantic flight with free booze, here’s what one flight attendant thinks about your in-flight drinking habits. Thanks to Mark from Yahoo for sharing a few snippets, compiled by Thrillist. Check out the full article here:

What’s the worst thing you’ve had an inebriated passenger do?
Once a guy defecated all over the walls of the lavatory and vomited in the sink, then he lost his phone in the trash and asked me to find it. He did apologize at the end of the flight though and blamed it on the Ambien he washed down with a glass of wine.

And then another time, a guy took a sleeping pill, drank some vodka, groped the flight attendants, stole a handful of minis from the cart, got yelled at by the purser, vomited all over the back galley, and then got duct-taped to his seat until landing. So, yeah, that happens too.

Are there rules as to how much you can serve someone?

We have a traffic light system, kind of like they have in restaurants and bars. Green is happy drinker, yellow is somebody who’s starting to lose it, and red, well, you get the idea. Many of us have worked in the bar or restaurant industry and can tell, so it’s really up to our discretion.

How do you cut people off?

I have a purser – or a head FA – who’ll come back and say, “hey, we’re not really allowed to serve you anymore.” Or maybe tell them this is the last one. That’s mostly in coach. In first class, you get what you pay for, so we’ll let them get away with more. You cut off coach way before you cut off first class.

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